07 January 2015

Along For the Ride by J.F. Silver

While celebrating a year of incredible fun together, Elaine proposes a new challenge for Joe and their friends, Mika and John. Each gets to choose an activity they’re passionate about and the other three must come along for the ride. How far out of your comfort zone would you go for your friends? Later, when a financial crisis threatens to postpone a much anticipated birthday party, the four lovers face a tough decision. Will their string of celebrating special milestones be broken? And what happens when Joe and Elaine are tempted by masked strangers at a sizzling Halloween Ball? Find out in Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe’s sexiest adventure yet!
I was much happier with this book than I was with the last one.  There was more of a plot and I was much happier with the flow of the story.  There is still a large portion of the book that is made up of erotic scenes but that was expected and not overwhelming.   We were given a more in depth view of the emotions of the characters in this book and I was able to connect better with all of the characters.

About three-quarters of the way through the book some drama occurs and while we get some details it is largely swept under the rug.  I would have liked to see more of the inner-workings of how that drama effected Mika and John.  Overall I love this story and the characters but at this point I really want to connect to them more and have them feel like friends.  I am hoping the next book will allow us to sink a little more deeply into the characters and their lives.


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