23 January 2015

And Then That Happened by Liam Livings

 Should you settle for a nearly perfect happiness or put your heart on the line for more?

It’s 1999 and 28-year-old Dominic’s carefully planned suburban life with his boyfriend Luke is perfect. His job as a nurse, his best friend Matt, his relationship with his parents, everything is just right. He and Luke have been together ten years, seen each other through friends’ deaths and their parents’ ups and downs, and even had a commitment ceremony.

Fate throws Gabe into Dominic’s life. Gabe isn’t happy with his boyfriend, but he stays with him, because, well it’s complicated. And then that happened. Gabe’s open relationship, impulsive nature, enthusiasm for life and straight talking advice are fascinating to Dominic. They’re friends, they click over a shared love of Goldie Hawn and Gabe shows Dominic there can be more to life than planned and safe. So why can't he take his own advice?

And Then That Happened is about finding a new kind of happiness, even when what you have is already perfect. And how sometimes perfect isn’t quite what it seems.
This story has four main characters Dominic, Luke, Gabe and ‘A’ and a couple of secondary ones. We start in the present right before Dominic’s and Luke’s New Years eve party. At this point we find out pretty quickly all is not right or happy with this ten year relationship but they have decided to throw the party anyway. Then we flash back in time and start getting the guts of why Dominic and Luke are having problems. Dominic is a Charge Nurse and has met someone at the hospital that he like’s, Gabe.  However, Gabe is also in a relationship.  To be fair, it appears both relationships are on the downside before they meet. Luke travels for business so Dominic decides to meet Gabe for drinks and becomes friends. He does invite Gabe and ‘A’ over to Luke’s and his place for dinner but only Gabe shows up. The friendship deepens and Luke starts to get upset, finally Dominic tells Gabe how he feels about him and Gabe start sleeping with another man. Even though he is still in a relationship with A and he knows how Dominic feels about him. Can Dominic salvage things with Luke, does he want too? Will Gabe figure it out?

This book hit so many of my NO buttons. I really don’t like flash back books, and we were all over the place. Don’t care for pointless characters and this book had at least one or two. Honestly, cheating doesn’t bother me, but there are a lot of people out there that this will be a DNF, because of that. However, I applauded that Dominic stood by his principles and didn’t.  Think it was backwards though, the one that should have is Gabe, because of his status and he just slept around! Drinking to excess and then going to work being a nurse, really?!  I did enjoy in the end that Gabe finally smartened up and realized what he had right in front of him.


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