05 January 2015

Graphic Intentions by Randi Harmon

 Scarred by past events, Scott and Derek find each other when neither is looking for a partner. Can they discover a way to battle their inner demons together rather than alone?

Scott Delaney, a graphic novelist suffering from writer’s block, discovers his elusive inspiration in Derek Reinhart, but he finds himself interested in him for more than just breaking down the wall of his writer’s block.

Derek isn’t looking for a relationship, but is intrigued by something beyond Scott’s graphic artwork.

While each is thinking the other is straight, neither acts on the attraction until a loudmouth bigot confronts them. Sparks fly as they begin exploring this new side of their relationship, but can their new passion overcome each of their haunting pasts?
This story is about Scott, a graphic novelist who has lost his muse. And for the last couple of months has been trying and failing to get it back. He’s trying to create another book, in his Captain Rick Darnell graphic novel series but nothing.  Derek has been back from the war for a few years but is still suffering from the physical and emotional scares. As Scott sits in a local Café, having a cup of coffee looking for inspiration he spots HIM, his new Captain Rick. And starts drawing like crazy, as Derek leaving the cafe he looks down at what Scott is drawing and notices it’s him.  Scott doesn’t notice, therefore doesn’t cover up the drawing in time and Derek sees them, but instead of being upset he’s intrigued and asks to look at more. They start a conversation that quickly becomes a lot more. After a night of HAWT sexually encounter, they have a misunderstanding and Derek leaves. Week goes by and no word, Scott is resigned, that this is he’s fate. For the past hurt he’s caused in life, he doesn’t deserves happiness. Derek feels the same way, he wasn’t able to keep the promise he made, so why should he have happiness.
These are two broken souls, that find each other but feel they don’t deserve each other so after what they both thought as the one night stand neither one reach out, even though they both want more. I enjoyed that even though we fell into bed on the first date, we didn’t fall into insta-love. That both MC had to work through their problems and share with each other, having each other understand and accept. Before we could take the next step, while the sexual encounters were HOT, I was hoping to feel a deeper connection between these two. Maybe I’m asking too much for just 67 pages? 


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