27 January 2015

L'Histoire de François: Vampire by Edward Kendrick

 Since his turning in 1022 young spy, François, has hated all humans. And yet, in 1347, he falls in love with one, only to be betrayed by Giles who tells his liege lord that François is a vampire. The lord blackmails François into spying for him. Years later, François gains his revenge on Giles through his son.

In 1876 New Orleans, François joins forces with Vasile, a master of the city, to take on human vampire hunters. Then Vasile’s human lover dies and Vasile turns to François for comfort. Will love ensue, or is François destined to always be alone?
This was an interesting book.  I love vampire stories but from the blurb I was expecting more romance than this book contained.  It truly is a history of the life and times of Francois the vampire.  While it was very interesting and did not lack at all in the action or drama departments I was really hoping for more romance.

Francois is a fascinating character and during this book he really goes through a transformation from a rebellious youth to a more melancholy centuries old vampire.  I am really hoping the next book in this series concentrates on Vasile so we can understand why he is the way he is.  I would love for Vasile and Francois to have another chance at love and a long term committed relationship. Overall a good book but I am hoping for more in the next installment.
To the point, 4 rainbows
There is really only one main character in this novella, Francois. However we are introduced to several others, our focus is him. Francois is sent on a mission by a Duke, and is hurt and then turned. He does not do well, and starts a blood bath until a human lover comes along. He is betrayed by the lover and for the next 500 years goes around taking out his frustrations on everyone and everything.  He ends up in New Orleans, LA and discovers that his first love’s family is there. And he never forgets a promise.
This was a quick paced story to set us up for the rest of the series. Lots of action through the centuries, details to remember, and grudges to hold onto but as we all know vampires have nothing but time and patients.


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