16 February 2015

A Minor Inconvenience by Sarah Granger

 Duty, honor, propriety…all fall in the face of love.

Captain Hugh Fanshawe returned from the Peninsular War with a leg that no longer works properly, thanks to a French musket ball. Now his fight against Napoleon is reduced to quiet, lonely days compiling paperwork at Horse Guards headquarters.

His evenings are spent dutifully escorting his mother and sister to stifling social engagements, where his lameness renders him an object of pity and distaste. But his orderly, restricted life is thrown into sudden disarray with the arrival of Colonel Theo Lindsay.

Theo is everything Hugh is not—a man of physical perfection and easy yet distinguished address. Surprisingly to Hugh, Theo appears to be interested in making his acquaintance. Lindsay turns out to be a most convivial companion, and Hugh finds great pleasure in his company. Their friendship deepens when they become lovers.

In spite of himself, Hugh falls desperately in love. But when a French spy is suspected at Horse Guards, Hugh discovers nothing is as it seems…and the paper he shuffles from day to day could be the instrument of his lover’s death.

Product Warnings
Contains gallant English officers in love, dastardly French spies, skintight pantaloons (sometimes on the floor) and gleaming tasseled Hessians.
Think handsome men in breeches, nights on the ton, and mothers working hard to marry off their daughters. Stuck in the midst are Hugh and Theo. Hugh is considered unmarriageable due to an injury he received in the war with the French. Theo is a colonel back in London to gain a meeting with the head of the House Guard. Instantly attracted, they start an illicit affair, one society would not be happy with. Add in a spy, his constant hovering mother who never seems to miss a change to tell him he’s not doing enough to get himself married off, a sister who seems bent on falling in love with the worst sort of fellow, valets who are always on their game, and smexiness between two men.

The story was well executed and I adored Hugh. Theo constantly made mention, when someone was trying to describe him, that he was “just so Hugh.” It’s filled with several adored secondary characters – of which Lady Emily tops my list. What a sweet character, one who knows more than Hugh thinks she does. While it would go outside the M/M genre, I would love to see a story with her.

Definite 4 stars. I highly recommend it.


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