16 February 2015

Don't Deny Me, Part Three (Don't Deny Me #3) by Megan Hart

 Mick is determined to be the kind of man who is worthy of Alice…and vows to hold on to her and never let go. But can people, and relationships, really change? If Alice does decide to let him back into her heart—and into her bed—will Mick be ready to show her the man that he’s become…and take a chance on love? And can Alice ever trust him again?
Part three is the conclusion of the Don’t Deny Me serial novel and I have to give Ms. Hart props in producing a book that actually flourishes under the format. In part one we got to see Alice and Mick meet again after avoiding one another for a decade after an apparently ugly breakup. In part two we journeyed back a decade to see the actual relationship and the events that led up to its demise. In Don’t Deny Me: Part Three we return to the present to find out whether or not their second chance at romance will pan out for Alice and Mick. I have to say that I flew through this installment and I loved it.

Because the story is presented from both Alice and Mick’s points of view, I felt so frustrated for both of them. Having failed once, both are determined to make it work this time around and put more effort into communicating with one another. The problem is that they don’t communicate effectively with one another because even though they’re both speaking English, they are not speaking the same language. Mick is a doer and expresses his feelings for Alice by doing things for her, especially by taking care of the “man” things – taking her car in for a tune-up before a trip, replacing the leaky faucet, fixing the closet door, etc. He doesn’t do it in a “women are clueless about this kind of stuff” condescending manner, but more of a “this is something I can do to take care of my woman so she doesn’t have to deal with it” manner. As much as I liked the way he did things for Alice and as much as I understood his motivation behind it, Alice didn’t. She didn’t see Mick’s taking care of stuff for her as him taking care of her. She needed a verbal expression of how he felt about her and that just wasn’t the kind of guy Mick was, as evidenced by how badly she took what he said when he finally did tell her how he felt. Their miscommunications flip-flopped between amusing and painful and as I neared the end of the book I seriously began to question whether they were going to make it or break up – but that’s something you’ll have to find out for yourself. As for me, I have some books of Ms. Hart’s I bought on sale a while back that I’m going to have to move up on my reading list because I enjoyed her writing and look forward to reading more. 


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