28 February 2015

Acting Out (Hollywood Hotties #2) by Mia Watts

Cree Radek is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. He’s an unapproachable alpha wrapped in black leather and spikes, with ice blue eyes lined in black. And to most fans and those who know him well, he’s hard to read, and all sex.

Evan Walker works for Cree as his assistant. Long hours and living arrangements, however, make it impossible to keep things professional. So when things get steamy, Evan is an easy target. But for Cree, Evan is a lot more than a one-night stand.

When family business takes Evan away in the middle of filming, Cree wants him back. But will Evan ever believe that a celebrity can be faithful?
This is a 60 page novella about Evan Walker, an assistant hired to work for Cree a celebrity in the middle of filming a movie. What Cree doesn’t know is that Evan came to Hollywood for one thing; to find his father and make him pay for the years of heartache and hardship he left his mother and himself to deal with. All Cree wants is to be accepted as a person not a celebrity. And he thinks he finds that in Evan.

It’s been a long time that I activity disliked a character, but I’m not a fan of Evan. And for an author to write an MC that I can get that invested in, well done! Especially, within only 60 pages, I found Cree loveable and just wanted the best for him. Be that Evan or not! Glad it all worked out in the end.


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