20 February 2015

All's Fair in Mate Bonds and Publishing (Confessions of a Werewolf Editor #1) by Alana Ankh

 For Killian Marsden, werewolf romance is overrated. After all, he should know, since he’s a half-werewolf and an editor for a romance-publishing house. He’s tired of reading mate bond fairytales, because real life doesn’t work that way. In the real world, Alphas abandon their half-breed children. Not that Killian’s jaded or anything. Simply realistic. So when werewolf Alpha Brett comes knocking, demanding explanations on a rejected manuscript, Killian reels away, or at least tries to.

Brett is a walking, talking Alpha cliché: big, possessive, and growly. His last name is Wolfe, for crying out loud. But Brett is also trustworthy, devoted to his pack, and a little silly when in love. Soon, Killian discovers that maybe, just maybe, he might love Brett in return.

Unfortunately, Killian is not the only one who wants to claim Brett. He will have to set aside his beliefs about mate bonds and deadbeats if he wants his own happily ever after werewolf romance.
This book sounded like a fun and unique premise and I snatched it right up. Read it last night.

And was sorely disappointed.

Killian is disgusted by the pedantic prose he reads on a daily basis as an editor at a small publishing house. His biggest annoyance is shifter romances as they are just not true to life - and he should know, he's part shifter.

From the buildup, I assumed the author would have fun with it - which they did - but they ended up dumping Killian in an annoying story. I liked his alpha - Brett was a good alpha male: strong and yet not perfect. The numbing prose slid its way into their love making. At first I thought it was just because that was what Killian was used to reading. As the story changed to become just like the dull manuscripts he’d read, I became disheartened. To top it all off, toward the end the whole 'goodie/goodie' thing with his half-sister (something I saw coming and kept thinking “No, no! Don’t do it!”) was too much. Not to mention the brother the author pulled out of thin air so as to make the ending more of a cliffhanger.

Disappointed. 3 stars for a very disappointing story and missing words dotted throughout. There was some fun– like the first few pages as I learned about Killian. But once Anastasia came on the scene, it went downhill from there. And the sex scenes? Yawn.


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