03 February 2015

Hunger's Mate Spotlight!

The desire—and danger—heats up to a scorching degree in HUNGER’S MATE: Part Three (Shadow Shifters) from popular romance author A.C. Arthur.Jewel has plotted and schemed for months, hiding her knowledge of a top-secret operation—and keeping Ezra guessing. And hungry for more…Captivated by her passion, skill, and courage, Ezra wants to help Jewel on her mission. But can she be trusted? Is his desire for her worth the risk?

Read all four parts of this sensational novel—and look for the full volume of Hunger’s Mate in February 2015 from St. Martin’s Paperbacks.
You’re a bad, bad woman Ms. Arthur. The first sentence of this installment of Hunger’s Mate put me into a tailspin of emotions – relief that Jewel had gotten to her father, sadness because it meant she left Ezra, happiness that Jewel’s father was safe. But none of that compared to the fear I felt when the phone call was made. Fear that only increased when Jewel’s father confirmed that he was now in Larry’s clutches. But apparently the author felt as if she hadn’t wrenched enough emotion out of me and continued to run me through the gauntlet with Hunger’s Mate Part 3.

In the third installment, Ezra finally confronts Jewel about Larry and while she still does not tell him everything, she reveals a lot. Color me surprised to realize that she went to Perryville because she knew about the Shadow Shifters – granted, I probably should have picked up on that from the Prologue in part one, but I didn’t. Even though she still refuses to tell Ezra the details of her time with Larry, Jewel’s behaviors when they have sex – and oh god, yes they do again and it’s even hotter this time around – go a long way in letting Ezra know that Jewel was completely powerless in that relationship. I love the lengths to which Ezra is willing to go to make Jewel feel safe during their sexual interactions, especially when they are often in opposition to his alpha male and animal instincts. But seriously, that man’s gotta put a bell on his woman because she takes off yet again. At least this time he knows where she’s headed and he sets off after her, intending to save her and her father, and to finally claim his mate (YES!!!). And what, pray tell, action-packed, nail-biting scene does Ms. Arthur leave us suspended on … Ezra vs. ADAM!!! Reading schedule be damned. I’m off to Hunger’s Mate Part 4 as I MUST know how their story ends.
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Half man, half animal. Born to fight, alive with desire. They are the Shadow Shifters. And they will steal your heart…

Part Four and the breathtaking conclusion to A.C. Arthur’s HUNGER’S MATE (Shadow Shifters)!Jewel has always had her own agenda. But when Ezra discovers how far she’s gone—sleeping with the enemy to achieve her means—he has no choice but to ask himself: Can he trust her with his own secrets? Instinct tells him that he must be near her. She is the one who can satisfy his hunger. But will his passion for her mean the destruction of him and his kind? How far will one Shadow Shifter go as he follows his own heart? 
He loves her! Yep, Ezra finally tells Jewel that he loves her. That should be great, right? Sadly his declaration does not come at the best time for Jewel – for the reader however, the whole conversation serves to lighten a serious scene. Because of her past, Ezra has to prove his love for Jewel via his actions and he does this while continuing to help thwart Larry’s machinations and uncovering an even bigger plot regarding Shya. Despite her mind’s best intentions, the companheiro calor is released between Jewel and Ezra and all bets are off – proving yet again why I love shifter sex: animalistic intensity that knows no bounds. Ms. Arthur writes superb mating sex scenes. YUM! As expected, the action abounds in part four and it is a thrill ride to the conclusion of the serial novel. Seriously folks, I don’t know how you can stand to read an installment at a time – my hats off to you because I couldn’t do it.

In the final installment of Hunger’s Mate, betrayals and alliances abound and are revealed – some were not surprising, others quite shocking, and still some that we must wait to see how they play out in future books in the Shadow Shifters series. I can’t say I’m upset at the prospect of more books in the series because I am loving Ms. Arthur’s writing. I appreciate that while she links the books together via a series storyline, each book is written so that it can be read as a standalone without confusion. That said, I want to go back and read the first three books because I am loving the characters and want to know more about how the other couples got together. But at least Jewel finally got to return to being Dawn and start her life with Ezra. And I can take comfort in knowing that I will likely get to catch up with them in future books in the Shadow Shifters series.


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