30 March 2015

A Cache of Killers (The Brantley Colton Mysteries #2) by Rodd Clark

Brantley Colton never set out to be anything but normal...but with tragedy came transformation. In his search for peace he is confronted with the darker aspects of men’s souls and plagued by horrific murders at every turn. “Why does evil seem drawn to him like a wise virus contaminating his body?” In “A Cache of Killers” Colton runs across a ring of child abductors and killers and sets out to enact his own brand of justice…saving a life because his is so torn and tenuous.

18+ *This book contained dark themes and imagery that some readers may find disturbing*
Once again Colton is on a ‘crusade’. While on a much needed vacation he quickly learns that young boys/men are being abducted and no one cares and or is doing nothing about it. Including the FBI, so he decides to jump in and save the day, but with his new illness will he have enough strength to finish the job?

So once again, this author changes who’s telling the story throughout the book which is confusing but also keeps changing the name of the main MC. One sentence we call him Colton, the next we call him Brantley. And this is by the same characters, very frustrating. Pick a name people.  Also again, no connection, I understand this is a mystery and not a romance, even though we do have sex in it. But I would still like to feel a connection, but nothing, just words. I do like that from start to finish we get the complete case. No cliffy, we know that Colton went in, solved the case busted up the kidnapping ring saved the kids. Nice ending. 


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