15 March 2015

Marketing Matters: Top Ten Tips to Achieve Discoverability in the New Age of Publishing by Cassandra Carr

Cassandra Carr, an author of more than 40 works who also has 15 years of marketing experience and an MBA, offers writers 10 tips for marketing in the new age of publishing. The book is written in a concise, easy-to-understand format aimed at either beginning writers or any writer who struggles with marketing and promoting themselves and their books.
  • Tip #1: Understand branding and platform and the differences between them
  • Tip #2: Know what to do BEFORE your book launches
  • Tip #3: Know what to do AT and AFTER your book launch
  • Tip #4: Make a decision about blogging, touring, and hopping
  • Tip #5: Publish as frequently as you're reasonably able to
  • Tip #6: Be a good citizen
  • Tip #7: Use social media and author pages to your advantage
  • Tip #8: Make your website and newsletter work for you
  • Tip #9: Create a marketing plan and actually use it
  • Tip #10: Don't stop marketing yourself or your books
If the idea of promotion leaves you in a cold sweat, let an author who's been there and has the track record to prove it guide you on the simplest path to discoverability.

I will be absolutely honest. There are some books that lend themselves to audiobooks and some that do not. This is one that really should not be in audio. Why? There is too much information. Good information – great, even. Information that an author should have at their fingertips and should be able to quickly and easily turn to. In audio, it speeds by until it feels like a vast amount of information being downloaded into your head and spilling out because your input valve is full.
For the audio…the narrator had a nice voice, but again, the audio – given its format –was just too much information, too fast. Plus, the narrator kept mispronouncing /. What is/? you ask? It is a forward slash. He kept calling it a backward slash ‘\’. Every URL he spelled out: H T T P S : \\. If someone just has the audio and doesn’t really deal with URLs very much, that could really throw them off. (By the way, for those unfamiliar with the term: URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator – otherwise known as the address of a webpage or site. So, in the case of this blog, their URL is http://www.crystalsmanyreviewers.com. Not http:\\www.crystalsmanyreviewers.com.
So, for the book? 5 stars and I suggest you buy it in ebook format where you can make notes and refer back easily.

Book Rating: 5 stars

Audio Rating: 3 stars

Overall rating: 4 stars


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