04 March 2015

Mr. Popsalos (Mr. Popsalos #1-2) by Lisa Worrall

Luke Fisher has been a single parent for six years. During those six years, he has become painfully aware that the moment you reveal that you have a kid, you immediately become less dateable. Rather than set himself up for the inevitable fall, he just doesn’t date. But it doesn’t matter, because he has everything he needs; a beautiful son, a good job, and a supportive family. He doesn’t need anything or anyone else…does he?

He doesn't think so until two weeks before Christmas, when he meets Jamie in a bar while out with some colleagues. The man is undoubtedly the hottest thing Luke has ever seen and one glance into Jamie's beautiful eyes tells him the feeling is mutual. But will the attraction fade once Jamie finds out about Reggie? After an amazing night together, Luke decides to pre-empt the heartache and throws away Jamie's number, thinking he will never see him again…
The marketing blurb made this sound like a sweet love story. It was that and a whole lot more. In Part 1, Luke and Jamie meet, tease, and finally have a shot at being together. It sucked me in and made me root for these two as well as Luke’s son Reggie. Then I got to Part 2 and WHAM, the author hit me with a startling drama. I was hooked. I couldn’t have stopped reading if a bomb went off. Okay, well maybe if a bomb went off, but not much would have made me put the book down.

It’s so gripping and intense and yet…the ending is sweet and perfect and so Luke & Jamie.

I would have given it more if it was possible. As it is, 5 big stars for Mr. Popsalos.

Though I do wonder why, after we find out what Mr. Popsalos’s real name is that they still called him that. But that’s a never mind. This was one fantastic, tear-inducing, wonderful love story.

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