20 March 2015

Remarkable Restraint (Grad School Guys #1) by Devon Rhodes

 This is book one in the Grad School Guys series.

When Justin gets fed up with his best friend Chaz avoiding him, he decides it’s well worth sacrificing his favorite T-shirt to try to save their relationship.

Chaz is finding it impossible to hide his attraction for his straight roommate, so he tries avoiding Justin until he leaves for the summer. He just has to get through a few more days, then he’ll be home free—at least until Justin comes back in a couple of months. Still, he firmly believes space between them is the best answer for now.

But Justin is not a man to be ignored. He’s known Chaz for almost a decade, and can tell when something is weighing on his mind. And being shut out is not acceptable, especially just when he’s finally ready to commit to more than friendship. When closer than usual proximity just before his trip to Central America turns up the heat between them, he takes matters into his own hands by restraining Chaz’s hands—and feet—until he gets some answers.

The results are explosive and more than either could have dreamt, but the abrupt shift in their relationship is almost impossible to reconcile in the short time they have left together. It will take remarkable restraint from both to find a way to weather the separation, stay friends…and to grow into something more.

Reader Advisory: This book contains light BDSM elements and bondage.

Publisher's Note: This book was previously released in the Games In The Dark Anthology. It has been considerably expanded for release with Totally Bound Publishing.
This is about Chaz, a sub that has been keeping his feeling for his best friend and roommate to himself for years and Justin, the BF and RM. We start the story with Justin having to leave in a few days and Chaz being dragged to a house party by Justin, in which Justin hopes he can finally show him his true feelings. But something goes wrong and Chaz runs away. Days later Justin leaves for South America for two months and Chaz is left feeling guilty, listing to the message that Justin left and horny. Once Justin comes back, can Chaz and Justin finally talk about their feeling or will acting them out work?

I really enjoyed this story. I’m a sucker for the “I’m not worthy”, which Chaz played to the hilt. And then the Alpha that Justin played yum. I also liked the slow build up that the long distance that the story forced. My only down side was the length that both loved each other  and then lived with each other and neither even knew or talked about? Really?


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