07 March 2015

Sleigh Ride (Minnesota Christmas #2) by Heidi Cullinan

 The way to a man’s heart is on a sleigh.

Arthur Anderson doesn’t want anything to do with love and romance, and he certainly doesn’t want to play Santa in his mother’s library fundraising scheme. He knows full well what she really wants is to hook him up with the town’s lanky, prissy librarian.

It’s clear Gabriel Higgins doesn’t want him, either—as a Santa, as a boyfriend, as anyone at all. But when Arthur’s efforts to wiggle out of the fundraiser lead to getting to know the man behind the storytime idol, he can’t help but be charmed. The least he can do is be neighborly and help Gabriel find a few local friends.

As their fiery arguments strike hotter sparks, two men who insist they don’t date wind up doing an awful lot of dating. And it looks like the sleigh they both tried not to board could send them jingling all the way to happily ever after.

Warning: Contains a feisty librarian, a boorish bear, small town politics, deer sausage, and a boy who wants a doll.
Absolutely fantastic story – and a little surprising. Arthur is loud, a little crass, and quite happy with his life – except for the fact his best friend who he often had sex with has just moved out because Arthur can’t commit. Ticked off, he has no intention of bending to popular opinion that at 40 years old, he needs to settle down. Gabriel is quiet, intelligent, and the exact opposite of Arthur’s type – or at least he thinks so until one hot night.

The addition of BDSM elements was a surprise, but I so loved the way it was handled. It was more realistic than so much of the hideous BDSM told in most fiction. The deeper they got, the more the dom in Arthur came out as well as the truths Gabriel had fought to keep silent – even from himself – poured out as the sub in him broke free.

The sex scenes were mostly fade-to-black, and quite honestly that was perfect. This storyline didn’t need them.

And now, I’ve just downloaded the first book in the series because I just have to read Marcus and Frankie’s story.

Check out Sleigh Ride. It’s a wonderful story.


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