17 March 2015

True as an Arrow by Sean Michael

 Will new revelations about Hunter’s desires rekindle the romance with Kyle or put an end to things?
Committed couple Hunter and Kyle have been together a long time. They love each other very much, but they're apart a lot, and there are very few surprises left in the bedroom anymore. Or are there?

When business trips lead Hunter to some eye-opening time on the internet, he discovers a side to himself that he never knew existed. The kinky things he learns make him want Kyle all the more, make him want to go home and play all sorts of naughty games. He feels compelled to tell Kyle about it, even if he's embarrassed, wanting to be honest. Will their relationship survive his revelation? Or will Kyle be disgusted by this new side of him?

Publisher's Note: This book was previously published elsewhere and under a different title. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound.
This is about Hunter and Kyle they have been in a loving committed relationship for a long time and know each other completely.  Or do they? On a business trip Hunter finds an online website and a faceless man that commands him in a way no one has ever done before. And he wants more. Should he tell Kyle? Will he understand?

This around 80 page novella is a tale that shows us even though we may know our loved ones, we don’t necessarily know them.  Kyle has a secret that he’s been keeping from Hunter and now so does Hunter, when they finally come clean both men are so happy that this new facet of the relationship will complete them.  Not a whole lot of depth to this story, even though they are starting to discover a new world of BDSM. I actually found the roles reversed, Hunter in my opinion, should have been the Dom where Kyle showed all the signs of the sub? Wanting to please, cook, take care etc. And not just in the home life his work as well, also the way he whined. Don’t hear of many Don’s whiney?  Hunter is the one leaving on business trips, home and hearth. Also I found that them saying I love you all the time but never talking about these D/s feeling towards each other a little strange. I normally really enjoy this authors books, unfortunately, this one just had too many confusing points to really enjoy.


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