03 April 2015

An Infatuation by Joe Cosentino

 With his ten-year high school reunion approaching, Harold wonders whether Mario will be as muscular, sexy, and tantalizing as he remembers. As a teenager, it was love at first sight for Harold while tutoring football star Mario, until homophobia and bullying drove Mario deep into the closet. Now they’re both married men. Mario, a model, is miserable with his producer wife, while Harold, a teacher, is perfectly content with his businessman husband, Stuart. When the two meet again, will the old flame reignite, setting Harold’s comfortable life ablaze? How can Harold be happy with Stuart when he is still infatuated with his Adonis, his first love, Mario? Harold faces this seemingly impossible situation with inimitable wit, tenderness, and humor as he attempts to reconcile the past and the future.
We have Mario, the classic high school hunk, captain of the football team, homecoming King not the brightest person and very confused and his sexuality. And then we have Harold, Smart, shy and in love with Mario and years later Stuart, Harold’s husband. We start this story with Stuart and Harold in present day and they have been together nineteen and half years, meeting the first day of college. Then we back track to Harold’s high school and how Harold and Mario meet, and then fast forward every few years until back to present day.

So I have to say, I normally do not like books that do this past living and then forward. But this was told like you were sitting around a fire drinking hot chocolate listening to your Grandfather tell his first love story, sweet. The only thing I found we spent way too much time in high school and rushed the end.


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