27 April 2015

Bedmonsters are Cool by Aaron Majewski & Lorain O'Neil

 He’s furry. He’s orange. And he’s under her bed.

Discovering she’s a witch by accidentally tearing a hole in Time & Space (never a good thing) Rebecca Westin has a bedmonster to show for it –a bedmonster with attitude not to mention hundreds of hands and two eyes that are oh so mysteriously like hers. Not exactly what she needs now that Mom’s fled rehab to cook chili and the Queen of High School is out to steal Brent, Becca’s gorgeous male friend she’d really like as a whole lot more.

So Becca’s week has pretty much gone down the drain.

’Cause when you rip a hole in Time & Space a bedmonster isn’t the only disgruntled visitor you’re gonna be having!

But that’s what friends are for, right?

Bedmonsters are Cool is a 61,000 word Young Adult fantasy novel.
This is one of those books that is good simply because of the unique world building the author created.  Featuring Bedmonsters, witches, spells, a tear in the otherworld realm, and lots of creative creatures. When Bedmonster enters the human world, I pictured him as the Lorax with extra limbs and ferocious teeth. How scary can a dust bunny eating creature be? His antics are funny and not at all scary in this story.  I especially liked the way he teased the dog while climbing in the cupboards, on Becca’s head, around her torso….that had me laughing out loud while reading.

Becca didn’t know that her Aunt was a witch…or that she was one, too. They, accidentally, create a tear in the wall between the otherworld and theirs. This tear allows Bedmonster to slip through while hunting for food. He helps Becca realize her potential magical powers and they travel between the real and otherworld on an adventure. All kinds of creatures exist in this other world and magic is abundant. She also enlists her friends to help her seal up the Rip between the worlds, which creates even more funny antics between the characters.  In the end, the girl gets the guy. The witch gets her pendant (powers). And, all is happy in the world.


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