27 April 2015

Betrothed by Lola White

 In witching society, magic and politics are the only things that matter, and marriages are arranged for advantage rather than love.

Humiliated by a string of broken betrothals, Ileana Lovasz only wants freedom from her manipulative grandfather. So when she’s forced into meeting her next suitor, she decides to give the budding relationship all she’s got.

Eliasz Levy simply wants an alliance with Ileana’s brother Silviu, a man rising through the witching ranks. That is, until the Lovasz woman arrives at his home and stirs up emotions Eliasz never thought to feel.

Silviu has bigger things on his mind than his sister’s marriage. Georgeanne Davenold, Silviu’s betrothed and the key to his rise in power, is back in his life after a ten-year separation that left her distrustful of his intentions. Their union is a novelty, spanning the divide between matriarchal and patriarchal Families. Their union is also alarming, combining the influence and magic of two witches only heard of in myth and legend.

Ileana, Eliasz, Silviu and Georgie must build an alliance that will help them all get what they want, but with too many lies and too many enemies, the game they’re playing turns treacherous.

When the two women come under attack, neither Silviu nor Eliasz knows which is the target. They only know that they will protect the women their hearts have claimed as their own, even though that means defying the traditions of witching society, risking every goal they hold dear and confronting the dangerous members of their own families.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.
Not your typical story about witches, Betrothed also contains elements of political alignments, hungry for power familial heads, and struggles in matters of the heart. Set in modern day, younger unwed witches are “betrothed” or promised to wed other witches in an effort to strengthen the power of one family or another.

Ilenana has been promised to many a male witches, only to have her grandfather (the head of the family) cancel each nuptial, and hurt Illeana. But, this story isn’t about her and how she is used to gain power for the family. Her younger brother, Silva, has known since he was born that Georgeanne is his missing piece. She is empty of power, but he knows that when they come together, they will create a power like no other and his grandfather will no longer be the most powerful witch in the family. Silva’s father has been grooming him to be the family power horse, unbeknownst to the grandfather. Silva tried seducing Georgeanne 10 years ago when she was too young to understand. Now, he won’t take no for an answer and she is a shy, timid, scared woman who is unsure about Silva. Their love story is so sweet and hot, but not at all boring.

The author created such a complex and unique world that the reader can’t help being drawn in. This is the kind of book that you won’t want to put down…I know I didn’t. I can’t wait to read more from this series.


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