13 April 2015

Finding Holland (Grand Oak Springs #3) by Grace Ryles

 A betrayal six years ago sent Holland Mathers’ world spinning. Forcing her to flee the only place she’d ever known and the only men she’d ever loved. Vowing to move on from the past, lands her in a local dungeon being manhandled by her date, Mitchel. The men who come to her rescue are non-other than the objects of her desire, the men she thought she’d lost forever.

Adrian Reyes and Oliver Edwards have loved Holland ever since the day they found her on the side of the road. Their relationship lasted only six months, but that was enough for them to spend all of their time searching for her when she fled their small town, without an explanation. Knowing that without her they will never be complete, they are determined to show her that their love can overcome whatever she is hiding from them.

A chance encounter leads them to reuniting again, but things aren’t that simple. Can they find a way back into her heart and bed or will they lose her forever?
Holy crap that was hot! Finding Holland is definitely my favorite of the Grand Oak Springs series. Mind you it had a serious advantage over books one and two – Adrian and Oliver are not related and they are bisexual!!! So while Finding Holland had more errors than Claiming Her Temporary Men, but fewer than Second Chance at Love, I didn’t care because I got so caught up in Holland, Adrian, and Oliver’s story that their emotional drama and scorching hot sex scenes consumed my attention.

Even though the Prologue lets the reader know that something devastating happened to Holland that caused her to flee her hometown of Tucson and the men she loved, we don’t find out what it was that occurred until we are well into the book. While I could understand the conclusions she drew at the time considering her youth and inexperience, I was right there with Emma in wondering why Holland couldn’t use her experiences of the intervening six years to look at the situation then and now in order to realize that she had misread what had happened and what Adrian and Oliver’s intentions were now that they had found her again. Because of her… Shortsightedness? Bullheadedness? Pride? Whatever you want to call it, Holland spends a lot of the book refusing to let Adrian and Oliver back into her life. Thankfully her body and heart overrule her mind several times and Ms. Ryles delivers some freaking hot sex scenes – MF, MM, and MFM. And because all three parties love each other deeply – even if Holland refuses to admit it out loud – the sex scenes are filled with love and intimacy, which is what made Holland’s drama and angst palatable for me.

I relished watching the romance play out between the trio. I enjoyed the BDSM elements of the relationship, particularly Oliver’s status as a switch; even if the author didn’t use that term, I can only think of a few characters within a ménage relationship that I have found believable in their submission to one partner and dominance over the other partner. That fans of the series were given the opportunity to catch up with the trios and characters from the previous books was a nice touch. My only confusion with Finding Holland was with Mitch. Considering the suspense elements included in the first two books, I kept waiting for Mitch to reappear and wreak havoc on Holland’s life; when this didn’t happen, it left me feeling like the author dropped the ball on that particular storyline. Ultimately, Finding Holland was a thoroughly enjoyable read for me and I absolutely loved the final scene … HAWT!!! I do so hope that Ms. Ryles has more books planned for the series as I cannot wait to spend more time in Grand Oak Springs, Arizona.


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