04 April 2015

No Place For the Wicked (The Brantley Colton Mysteries #3) by Rodd Clark

Brantley Colton can’t escape being drawn into another series of twisted murders after several naked bodies are unearthed, discarded like garbage. Finding the killer will be tough enough…but when he learns the culprit is a prominent State Senator from Maine, Colton realizes bringing him to justice will become his greatest challenge. He is swept into a sordid, sexual world of bondage and discipline, violence and pain only to discover that the evil in some men’s souls is incomprehensible.

**This story is a suspense/thriller that contains adult situations of graphic sex, language, and violence. The story is intended to entertain, not to condone or glorify illegal or immoral activities. This book is unsuitable for sensitive readers and those under the age of 18.**
Disclaimer: Even though the word ‘rape’ is not used, we do have situations of M/M forced penetration without any prep, lubrication, or protection. We are also given a very brutal D/s scene between a novice and a Dom. I understand that the book says’ graphic sex’   but I felt that it just didn’t cover it. Also this is between the murderer and one of his victims. But of course the vic didn’t know it at the time.
Once again Colton is back in the Portland area, He’s rented a cabin for what he feels like is his last few weeks, months on earth because of the cancer that is eating away at his brain. But instead of the peaceful retreat, he again gets tangled up in solving string of murders. But two things are causing him issue’s one, the murderer and two the setting.
I do have to add, I do enjoy mystery books, although they are not my favorite or my go to choice.  Having said that, with each of these I went it with an open mind, but these   are just not my cup of tea. Once again, we can’t seem to keep the MC names straight. I find that annoying, either call him Colton or call him Brantley.  Another point, in book two the cancer played a huge part, but it’s only mention in passing here, and doesn’t seem to be effecting him in anyway. Where in book two, it was starting to cause a problem? We also went back to multi people talking, but at least this time it stop for chapters, so not as confusing. One big thing I did enjoy, at the end was Colton allowed the last victim to have his say to the murderer before they carted him off to jail.


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