04 April 2015

Shifter (Dark South #1) by Jace Payne

 Kayden Garrett’s ready to head home to Georgia, after four long years in Boston attending university. An unexpected fight with an abusive lover leaves him battered--and cursed into becoming a werewolf. Immediately after leaving the plane, he’s introduced to Paul, who makes his former flame dwindle in the dark. Their connection is instant and explosive. The two can’t explain the attraction to each other, but don’t waste time trying to figure it out.

Between struggling with being a werewolf and getting in with a local pack, Kayden has to acclimate to being with someone who treats him as an equal, instead of a possession. All their progress comes to a halt when a dark figure from Paul’s past resurfaces, threatening their newfound love, and their very existence.

Going home isn’t always easy, but for Kayden, the experience is a true test of his strength, his ability to adapt to the shifter world he’s been thrown into, his need to protect his family and friends, and his overwhelming desire to be loved.
Kayden a human male is getting ready to head home from college when is boyfriend; Michael doesn’t like the fact that he is not going to give him a proper good bye. And Michael attacks Kayden, Annette, Kayeden best girlfriend and a practicing witch hears the commotion and gets Michael off but not before Michael leaves bit and gash marks on Kaydens body. Annette heals him just enough to get them to his parents’ home in southern GA. Once in GA Kayden meets Paul, a guest of his parents that has been living in the back house and doing odd jobs for them. They find an insta- attraction, lust, love. What they don’t realize is that when the full moon rises Michael has turned Kayden into a werewolf. With the help of Annette, Paul and some other secondary but very good people-shifters, they not only sort out Kayden and Paul but Michael when he comes back.

I have to say, I’m a huge shifter reader and this is not your normal cookie cutter read. Love that! This book has several stories going on at once, but they are intermingled so you are not confused and it doesn’t jump around. You’ve got the werewolf pack, the Loin shifters and the magical daughter and father team. The chemistry between Paul and Kayden is wonderful. You can feel Kayden pain when they realize Paul may still be attached. But that he’s willing to step up and help anyway, amazing! It’s an eclectic and interesting crew. So completely works for this book.  I can’t wait to read more from this author.


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