22 April 2015

No Such Thing as Werewolves (Deathless #1) by Chris Fox

 WARNING: May Contain Werewolves.

A pyramid predating all known cultures appears without warning. Its discovery throws into question everything we know about the origins of mankind.

Inside lies incredible technology, proof of a culture far more advanced than our own. Something dark lurks within, eager to resume a war as old as mankind. When it is unleashed it heralds the end of our species’ reign.

A plague of werewolves spreads across the world. A sunspot larger than anything in recorded history begins to grow. Yet both pale in comparison to the true threat, the evil the werewolves were created to fight.
Paul Squared's Thoughts
(Yes, it's Sara Squared's Hubby!) 
A team of private army special ops are sent to a secret location in South America and run into, literally, a super-science pyramid from the earth’s pre-history that appears out of nowhere.  A premier team of scientific specialists are flown into the remote location and attempt to make heads or tails out of the mysterious artifact.  What they find in the inner chamber changes their lives and the world forever.

Overall, I found No Such Thing as Werewolves to be a surprisingly good read.  As a huge Star Gate fan, there were several subtle hints in the first chapter or two that both intrigued me and kept me reading, but also made me a little nervous that instead of worms in people’s heads somehow there’d be a werewolf stuffed inside (I don’t even want to imagine the point of entry)!  As the plot and underlying creation myth developed, I found myself hooked.  In this exciting first book in the series, Chris Fox intricately weaves together ages old myths and current world affairs to create a capturing and action-packed story.  All told, I can’t wait for the sequel.     I give No Such Thing as Werewolves a solid 4 stars.
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