22 April 2015

Royal Mates: Love's Diamond # 5 & 6 by Lyssa Samuels

Jimmy Burrows lives the life of a rock star. He’s tired of his life of emptiness. He dreams of having one special man to share his life with who values him as Jimmy—a guy who likes pizza, science fiction, and likes to cook.

Prince Drake Sorenson knows that Jimmy is his aheri. When he looks into Jimmy’s violet eyes, he sees the man who is destined to fill their future with love and children. Jimmy’s caring heart and kindness are exactly what Drake needs to calm his soul.

Jimmy can’t trust that Drake’s anger and jealousy won’t hurt him. Drake’s stories about a world called Sanzel where there is magic, purple skies, and pregnant men are proof enough that the man is certifiable. When Drake helps heal Jimmy’s friend and her little girl, Jimmy has to reevaluate his judgment of the big man. Maybe Drake’s story of magic, love, and babies is something that’s a possibility for him after all.
This is book five in the series, and just like the pervious you really should read in order.

Unlike the other MC’s we really don’t hear about Jimmy too much. Jimmy is a minor celebrity, country music singer. Also grew up with all the other friends. Also like most of his other friends he comes from a violent and broken home. Drake has been following Jimmy around at his concerts trying to get close without scaring him. Drake as always had a short fuse, although he would never hurt anyone especially his aheri, but he’s jealously and temper will get the better of him and scare Jimmy away. Can Drake fix this? Can Jimmy finally get past his old fears and hurts to realize this one man will never do those things to him?

Just when I thought I had my emotions under control, Jimmy comes along. What an amazing roller coaster of self growth, self denial and love, throughout this whole book. I love the way not only did Jimmy not bend to Drake’s will and charm right off the bat, but stuck to his guns no matter how hard it was for him. And how Drake, understanding his faults, knowing he had to correct those faults, also knowing that if his aheri couldn’t accepted him, then so be it. But once again, with the other brother’s help and the help of their aheri’s we were able to sort it all out and get one step closer to saving the home plant.
Michael Brozen has led the life of a playboy for far too long. His endless succession of hook-ups with twinks has resulted in an attack that sends him to the hospital. His life is empty and meaningless. He aches for someone to care about him and not throw him away like his parents did. Meeting Duncan, Michael finds himself wanting to belong to the gentle, sweet man permanently.

Prince Duncan Sorenson is an innocent who does not know how to love a man. He has struggled with controlling his magic, always fearing he would hurt someone because of it.  His magic is pulled from him whenever it is needed, helping others despite his lack of control. Though he longs for his aheri, he worries he will frighten his mate because of his size and be ridiculed because of his inexperience.

Duncan’s visions of Michael and the love and the children that they would have together give the shy prince hope.
This is book 6 in the series and it is best if they are read as stand alone.

So like the other books in the series, we’ve meet these two MC’s before in passing and now it is time for their story.  Duncan, out of all the Princes feels like he is the most unworthy and unworldly.  He’s never been able to control is power and at a younger age actually damaged his brothers face and was unable to fix it which felt that brother will a permanent scare. Because if this he has spent all of his time on his cousins farm land tending to the crops, seems his power does the most good, helping plants grow. However, he was also sent to Earth to find his mate, once he found his though. His mate, Michael told Duncan that he was not his type. Duncan being an innocent took the words as intended and left. Michael, just like most of the other friends had a crummy childhood and has set up walls that he won’t let anyone through. So why does he feel these strange feelings for the teddy bear? Can he break the wall around his heart before it’s too late? Does he really want to?

As of right now this is the last book in the series, but I’ve hounded the author enough…. Restraining order not too far behind, plus it’s posted on Face Book that she is working on another. YAY! Your heart just goes out for Duncan, he just takes ever word at face value, since he has no base to understand or second guess. And Michael, he’s been played with and been the player for years. He just doesn’t know how to change, even though he wants too.  And when they finally decide to give life/love a chance one wrong word sends it all into a tail spin. Luckily, Michael and the brothers have become a united front and will stop at nothing to see this through.  Now it’s the finally one, for a while I can say. I really enjoyed the way she made each story start with the mates meeting separately. Instead of everyone pairing up in the first book, as many series with siblings and mates or partners often do, it was a nice change from the norm.


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