01 April 2015

The Last Wolf (Sapphire Ranch Wolves #1) by Sue Brown

 The only good predator is a dead one, as far as Joe Lowther is concerned.

That is until the day he shoots a wolf, only to watch the animal turn into a naked Callum Pope. Cal is being hunted by a group of humans who eradicate shifter packs for sport.

Joe makes a decision to help Cal and discovers a deeper connection with the young shifter. One which he’d like to explore. If they live that long.
This is about Joe Jr, a college prof. home on sabbatical to help his sick father. Joe father owns a Ranch and Joe thinking he sees a wolf, sets himself up to kill the predator. After hiding out for a couple of hours he finally sees the predator and shoots. After coming upon the wolf, he takes aim again but finds a man instead. Cal, a werewolf shifter is on the run after a group of hunters have attacked his pack.

I just have to throw it out there, I LOVE shifter books and read them all the time. So after reading this one was disappointed. I felt like Joe had an unhealthy and unexplained hatred for wolves and predators but was perfectly fine when he found that shifters were real? Also he’s ‘hick style’ of talking was annoying. He’s an educated college prof. I get when the father spoke that way but the son? I did enjoy the twist of the hunters and them operating outside of the law. But overall this just didn’t work for me.


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