30 April 2015

#Throwback: Haunting the Night

 Only one member of the Bad Boys Club remains. Hugh. The name of the game is control. Hugh's a lawyer for a well-known defense firm. That was Daddy's choice -- both the profession and the firm. His father's control is second only to that of the wealthy society Hugh moves in. In Hugh's world, image is everything. But appearances can be deceiving. Blond hair, cornflower blue eyes, a cute face and boyish charm belie the shark within... His obsession? Hot cars. And small, blond twinks. Enter Tobis. This sweet young twink isn't at all what he appears to be. Alpha of the Blood Moon pack, Tobis is one of the strongest weres around. And he's on the hunt. Tobis' obsession? Leather. Particularly on his submissive mate. And then there were none...
And then there were none. Haunting the Night brings us the final bad boy’s tale of woe as he falls prey to a more powerful predator… or does it? While each of the novelettes in The Bad Boys Club series can be read as a standalone, I recommend reading them in order as you’ll benefit from a fuller telling of the tales because not only do the bad boys talk about one another in each book, the supernatural creatures they have attracted reveal info about one another as well. And I do believe that Ms. Church saved the best for last with Hugh’s story. No, Hugh is no more likeable or redeemable than his friends – Kain, Jordan, and Allen – and Tobis is no more formidable of a supernatural than Asmodeus or Chaus. The reason I think I enjoyed Haunting the Night more than the others is that Hugh seems to be more self-aware of his deep, dark desires. This is not to say that he submits to Tobis without a fight, because he certainly does try to fight the werewolf’s claim on him. But because Hugh is not satisfied with the life his father has chosen for him and how he must deny his wants in order to maintain the image his father demands, Hugh is quicker to realize the freedom Tobis’s claim offers him. Once he does, he readily accepts his place as Tobis’s mate and it was hot! Gotta love a mating knot. I also enjoyed that the Epilogue was not just for Haunting the Night but also for the entire series, so we got to catch up with all of the boys to see how their new “lives” were. The Bad Boys Club has been an enjoyable series with Haunting the Night being my favorite installment.
This is the last book in the series and was I really enjoyed the others, I didn’t like this one as much.

Hugh, the last of the friends and I think the worst of the lot. Finally meets his match with Tobis, a wolf. Just like the other’s Hugh and Tobis meet at the club, Hugh takes Tobis home and things change in Tobis’s favor. But unlike the others I found this to be a little rougher than the others, and a little too rough for my taste. Once things settled down and they found each other’s secrets, Hugh was finally able to let go of years of his father’s domination over him mentally and be the man he always wanted to be.  And the end, we finally all meet at the bar in England, old friends in new lives and roles. Over all a great little series, happy I was able to read it.

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