04 May 2015

As Spring Rain by Valentina Heart

 Gabriel is hell-bent on self-destruction. Every man he chooses is a man who will hurt him, and when he can't find others to do it he turns to hurting himself. Whatever it takes to bury the wrenching, forbidden, but inescapable feelings tearing him apart.

But everyone has a breaking point, and when his twin brother Michael comes to pick up the pieces something will have to give before there aren't any pieces left…

Warning: this story contains incest
This quick 50 page novella is about forbidden love between brothers, twins. It’s written in opposing points of views, which normally I do not like, however really works for this story. Both brothers couldn’t be more different; one owns a bar, outwardly gay, dates all the wrong men but shy. The other is a life guard, life of the party, never dates and very protective of his brother.  Even though this is a novella we jump weeks of times, so we cover a lot of details of life events and what brings them too finally admitting their feelings towards each other. This is so much more than one of those written for shock value books. And well worth the read.


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