03 May 2015

Over the Hill and Through the Woods by Leah Grant

 A Witch advertising her heat cycle by scenting out can only lead to trouble, especially for Lothar Kaltenbrun. This time it isn’t the Witch burning—it’s him!

Lothar Kaltenbrun is trying to keep life on an even keel for himself and his younger brother, Telfor. After the murder of their parents, they are the only two pure bloods left of their Clan. A new scent is in the air—a Witch is advertising her heat cycle. Only very powerful Witches do this and it can only lead to trouble. Lothar knows that scent is an open invitation and may bring uninvited guests onto Kaltenbrun territory.

Lothar finds himself unable to resist the sexual pull of Jesse the Witch. When he ends up at her cabin, she asks him to drink her blue potion, ending the torment of her heat cycle, but he shifts and runs into the woods. Everyone knows never to trust a Witch.
But as Jesse’s magic captures his heart, he worries whether it’s a spell or true love…
After the death of their parents, Lothar and Telfor must protect the pureness of their familial line. But, it’s hard to ignore the strong heat/sex scent a witch is broadcasting. Lothar goes to investigate and the Witch named Jesse invites him in to help her take the “edge off”.
Unfortunately, the first sex scene leaves a lot to be desired. More technical than sensual or sexy, it’s not the kind of thing that makes me want to continue reading.  During their romp, Lothar has to remove a stick in his ass! (Why? Was that part really necessary?). The sex was a failure and so he goes home and leave the Jesse still needing to be satisfied.
The sex scenes do get better and the rest of the story gets good. It’s a quick read with suspense, clan history, and brotherly love woven throughout. I hope this isn’t the only one and the author makes it into a series. I really want to know what happens with Jesse and Lothar


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