03 May 2015

Soulmate for Sin by Izzy Van Swelm

 The effects of an attack on SIN, a twenty-nine year old University lecturer, reach out further into his future than SIN could ever imagine.

In a story, which seems doomed to start with an end, SIN learns about the forever kind of love, and how family is not just biological.

‘Soul-Mate for SIN’ shows how twists of fate can take a loving, but ordinary family, from a small market town in England, and turn them into something extraordinary.
This is my first book by this author, and over all I found it a pleasant read just not my type of book. Too many minor characters and minor stories going on, not enough focus on the main topic to keep me focused. We have Charlie, starting a new job because he got fired from his last for being gay. We have Sam (Sin), who the book revolves around, was gay bashed by his brother and his brother’s gang. Waiting to go to trail and in the mean time trying to stay out there way so they don’t finish the job, and Gabe, someone from the future, his story is explained.  I just couldn’t get a connection between any of these characters, where I got the premise of the story, and felt the struggles that not only Sam had to go through, being attacked twice. The trail, the difficulty dealing with the reality that his brother did this to him, all would have made for an interesting story. And then Charlie as well, although we seemed to have had lost his story somewhere along the way? The whole futurist soul mate thing, just threw me.  


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