03 May 2015

The Hunt For Snow (Fairytale League #1) by S.E. Babin

 Every ten years a convention is held in a neutral location where people from all the realms come together and reunite. This is no ordinary conference, though, because everyone who shows up holds a place of honor in the legends of old. But there’s one person who doesn’t care that Earth is neutral territory. The Evil Queen, Naomi, is out to settle a score, and she’s brought along one of her most talented henchman to teach the one who got away a harsh lesson.

Snow’s past is shrouded in mystery. Mild cryptozoologist by day, private investigator by night, Snow is dead set on one thing — staying far away from the Huntsman who haunts her dreams. When she shows up to the conference with her two best friends in tow, things start going awry right away. Mere minutes after arriving, they find themselves thrust back into the world they’ve tried so hard to avoid. Now, along with the help of her friends, Snow is struggling to stay one step ahead of the queen who wants to destroy her — and the Huntsman who wants to possess her at all costs.

The hunt for Snow is on. But who will find her first?
Set in the modern world, The Hunt for Snow is a twist on the fairy tale we all know and love. After the Huntsman was sent by her stepmother, Naomi, to kill her, Snow flees to Earth to escape. With nothing but the silk dress on her body (and a bag of jewelry from her father), Snow creates a new life for herself.

I really like how the author turned an old fairy tale into a new one. Snow is now a PI at night, living with her best friends Belle (yes, that Belle) and Cyndi (aka Cinderella). She is not a wall flower or wishy washy character, but a kick ass heroine who knows how to defend herself. I love that about her!  She receives a personal invitation to the Magical Convention and her roommates make her go. Once there, she finds out that she has 72 hours to return to the Castle that was once her home or lose her inheritance. Of course, she has to avoid the Queen (Naomi) and the Huntsman who want to kill her.

What I loved about this story – Snow’s attitude, the appearances by other fairy tale characters, the action and suspense in the story, and the writing. What I did not like was the ending cliffhanger!!!

This is an amazing and fun story that is well worth the time to read! 


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