02 May 2015

Riding Steele (Ready to Ride #3) by Opal Carew

 Being kidnapped by bikers is a harrowing experience, but for some reason, Laurie doesn’t feel as terrified as she should.  The leader’s steely eyes soften when he looks at her, and the others in his gang clearly know she’s hands off.  But does that include Steele's hands?  Her brain resists him, but her body insists she wants those big hands all over her.

Steele doesn’t know how he wound up in this mess—with a kidnapped woman on his hands and the police hot on their trail.  Now he and Laurie are in hiding at an isolated cabin, and Steele has to figure out how to extricate himself...and steer clear of his accidental captive whose tight, slinky clubbing attire is making him think all kinds of dangerous thoughts…
Laura has been kidnapped by bikers.  Big, mean, smelly bikers. Kidnapping tends to change your life a bit, but not how Laura thought it would.  Not when she meets the sexy leady Steele.  Will the captor fall for the captive?

This is a short story that is part of a six-part series.  It is pure and absolute fantasy because I can’t imagine this scenario working out in real life on any level at all.  But, for what it is I found it to be intriguing.  It’s a sexy book with a lot of very sexy scenes that really pushes the vanilla envelop.  I don’t think this book is for the faint of heart because this a pretty hard core story that has some, um, wild sex acts involved in it.  But it’s also a story of a woman’s self-discovery, which is an interesting layer to the story.

I’ll just put it out there that I am not a fan of serials.  This has nothing to do with the quality of the story, but I feel like it’s just a marketing ploy.  I don’t understand why it can’t just be one book or even two.  That always annoys me. 

I had some issues with the pace of the story, but with such a limited amount of space to work with I suppose it’s unavoidable.  The MC in this book didn’t really seem very realistic to me either.  Of course, my expertise is limited to other MC books I read, but the lines in this club were very blurred between who was supposed to be in charge and the other members.  Not very gang like.

Overall, I did like this book but I had some issues with it.  I have to give it 3 stars.
Wow! This was a HOT and fun read!! Steele and his MC gang are recruited to kidnap a friend’s sister to protect her from her sketchy boyfriend. Donovan, the boyfriend, is controlling, manipulative, and abusive to Laurie and shows his true colors when confronted by Wild Card (one of the gang). Steele just wanted to keep an eye on the girl, but Wild Card has no choice but to save her from further abuse and takes her to a deserted cabin the guys are all staying at.  She tries to escape multiple times to no avail.

Steele comes home from celebrating his birthday and thinks the girl in his bed is his present. But, no, it’s Laurie and she is handcuffed and scared to be alone in the room with the big, sexy biker. The sexual tension between the two is off the charts!! Steele tries to prove that he is not going to hurt Laurie, but she doesn’t believe him.  On one of her escape attempts, she goes to the swimming hole where Raven, Rip’s girlfriend (but everyone is allowed to play with her) and thinks Raven is being attacked by 2 men. She runs to Steele for help and the scene turns SPICY! LOVE that particular scene the most in this book!

Steele has to keep Laurie safe until her brother gets back to town. While, this may seem like a typical good girl/bad boy love story, their chemistry is off the charts and they eventually have some fun while waiting.

This is a fantastic read! I recommend it to anyone that loves a quick, spicy, fun story! 


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