02 May 2015

Shine Forever (Missing Butterfly #3) by Megan Derr

 Dai gave up everything when he ran away with his cousin, traded a life of wealth, power, and security to create their band and live the way they want. The one thing he refuses to do is hide; he's worked way too hard, and given up way too much, to pretend to be something he's not.

Cooper never anticipated he would trade rodeo fame for country music stardom. But the secret he had to keep for his own safety is now a secret he has to keep to protect his band. The one thing he can never do is make his sexuality public; he's sacrificed far too much to risk it all by airing personal matters.

But when a chance meeting turns into a passionate night that neither can forget, a tenuous relationship neither wants to let go, someone is going to have to break the rules...
Overall I it was a likable story, once I figured out who everyone was. It was a nice storyline, closet case, finds love in another band. Doesn’t tell anyone, people find out and think he’s joining that band.  Instead they are meeting up around the world and going at it, like bunnies.  Cooper was a likable guy, down home and Dai off the charts gay.  Interesting match, but it worked. The secondary was likable as well, as you got to know them towards the end. Although, I have to say, I didn’t feel any lasting connection with any of them. The time frame also confused me and kept me from loving this story, I got the five year jump. But after that we were all over the place, meeting not meeting but no since of how long apart, where are we? Or at least I didn’t get one. Couple of others things just didn’t work for me either.


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