31 May 2013

Training Their Mate By Vella Day

Liz Wharton has one goal—to kill the man who raped her mother. Had she known Harvey Couch was a werewolf, she never would have tried to take him on by herself.

Determined to put an end to the pest bent on revenge, Harvey sends his goons after her. When two wolves attack her, Liz is sure she’s hallucinating. Good thing Trax Field is there to stop them.

Trax and Dante Field, members of the Pack, have devoted their lives to stopping bad shifters like Harvey Couch. Saving Liz would have been just an ordinary day, but when Trax finds her huddled in an alley, bruised and shaken, he’s convinced she’s his mate.

To keep her safe, Trax and Dante hold her captive in their loft apartment. When they aren’t searching for Couch, Trax and his brother spend the night training their future mate in the art of bondage and sensual pleasures. How will they be able to convert her into embracing not only their lifestyle but also their animalistic side?

                While reading this book, the blurb of the book caught my eye completely.  I wanted to read this book because I figured that Liz’s character would be strong and determined.  That was the case to a degree; she was strong but also seemed as though she was a pushover when it came to the men.

                 Her character was really developed, and you could understand where she was coming from most of the time.  However Trax and Dante’s characters seemed as though they could use a little more work.  You don’t really learn that much about them during the course of the book, and it seemed that even though they knew they were mates to Liz, there were times neither of them acted “happy” about that fact.

                The sex scenes were hot; the fighting scenes were amazingly well done.  But when it came to the other parts of the book, it seemed as though she skimmed over parts that could have had more details.

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