01 June 2013

The Waiting Game, By Eve Devon

Five years ago a madman stalked her. Kidnapped her. Tattooed her.
When security expert Cameron Dexter—the man Brooke Bennett once loved—appears unexpectedly at her door with terrifying news, the former musician discovers she can no longer hide from her past. After five years, her vicious kidnapper is out of prison and on the hunt—for Brooke.
Now he’s returned to complete his art.
Cam failed to protect Brooke once before. Now he’d rather die than let her be captured. With her life at stake, Cam vows to keep her hidden and safe. Brooke, however, is done with running. Unlike Cam, she wants to stand and fight. Emotions both old and new roil between them, but addressing their heated past must wait. Together they set a trap in London to catch a killer. But they soon discover the enemy wears many faces...
And waiting is no longer an option.
                When I started reading this book, my interest was piqued and I wanted to find out more about what happened to Brooke.  However as I was reading on, I already seemed to have an idea as to what was going to happen during the course of the book.  And to my disappointment, what I had thought would happen, did.

                There weren’t any parts that really stood out, and made the book seem different than the other books written in this genre, and I was sorely disappointed in that fact.  I had such high hopes for it.

                The characters themselves, I did enjoy; Brookes character especially.  I liked watching her find her strength throughout the course of the book.  I do think that Eve did a great job getting into the heads of the different characters and portraying them in ways that were scary at times.  Like when she gets into Spinks mind, I think she did a great job with that. 

                Overall, I thought that the storyline was not that exciting, (to me personally), but the characters were written very well.
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