05 August 2013

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After going through a terrifying ordeal. Savannah has to try and overcome the tragic events that rocked her soul to the very core. With Kayden by her side Savannah tries to piece her life back together. Feeling betrayed, she finds herself struggling to move on with her now fragile life.

Plagued with nightmares, and the fear that she will once again find herself staring in to the face of danger. Savannah shuts herself away from the outside world. In the process pushing away the man she loves and her closest friends. Praying on her weakness, two unlikely people will come together. With the sole purpose of separating Savannah and Kayden when their relationship is on shaky ground. 

With past secrets exposed, Exes causing trouble and lovers from the past offering comfort. Will Savannah and Kayden be torn apart for good? Or will their indestructible love for one another be strong enough to withstand the storms coming their way? 

Sipping on her sweet tea and popping a chunk of cantaloupe in her mouth, Mya sat staring at me with curiosity twinkling in her eyes. “You look a lot better today. Was that big ass smile on your face when you walked in here from you and Kayden break the doctor’s orders and bow-chicka-bow-wow?”

My mouth falls open at her straightforward question, which makes her and Brooklyn burst into a giggling fit. I slap my hand over my face, knowing I am redder than Brooklyn’s nail polish.

Brooklyn screams out at me, “Oh my God! You little slut! You so fucked Kayden, I can see it written all over your face!”

Geesh! Kayden must be an animal in the sack if you’d risk hurting yourself.” I can’t look Mya in the eyes. It’s so embarrassing, talking about my sex life in front of three beauticians I don’t even know.

Shooting them both a look and motioning my eyes towards the three women working hard at pampering our toes. I finally muster up the courage to speak. “You two are unbelievable!”

Being a fan of a series is a hard thing for me to admit. Everyone who follows the blog knows that I hate series. I am so impatient when it comes to waiting for the new books to come out, usually I will wait for all the books to be out before I start reading the series. This series is one of those series though, that I have started reading from the first book and I just can't put down the new books when they finally come out!

The story between Kayden and Savannah gets better with each book, and I wasn't let down when it came to this part of their relationship. With the way that the second book ended, we were left wondering what was going to happen to Savannah, and I have to say I was really impressed with the way Danielle had the story play out. There were some parts that were predictable to a degree, but other parts caught me off guard.

One thing that I did enjoy with this book was the fact that we were able to learn more about the other characters in the books. This book wasn't completely about Kayden and Savannah, we found out the other characters that support Savannah. My one complaint about this book was the fact that there were parts that seemed rushed to me. It felt like there were some parts that were explained, but they were rushed along to cover more information. Besides that part, the story itself was very well done.

I enjoyed the drama and suspense that took place in this part of the series. It was done in just the right amount of drama that it didn't take over the story way too much, but it left you wanting more and more of the story.

All in all, I enjoyed this story and I can't wait for the next part in the series!

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I have been writing for as long as I can remember but I finally decide to peruse my dreams of sharing my stories with the world when I published my first Novel Irresistible Desire back in March.

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