20 September 2013

The Enforcer, By Marliss Melton

The Taskforce sends Special Agent Tobias Burke into a West Virginia militia to inform against its leader.
Captain Dylan Connelly is beautiful, damaged, and possibly deadly. Her contempt toward the government’s civil rights violations is apparent, but did she kill the secretary of defense by bombing his car? All the evidence says yes.

Tobias and his bomb-sniffing dog are tasked with strengthening the FBI’s case. Yet, the more Tobias discovers of Dylan’s darkest secrets, and the closer they become in mind and body, the less assured he is of her guilt—or is their irresistible attraction coloring his usually clear judgment?

When a second killing takes place and once again all evidence points to Dylan, Tobias must race the clock . . . and the FBI . . . to determine whether her nightmarish past has turned Dylan into a terrorist. Or could there be a more horrifying reason why the evidence is mounting against her? Caught between betrayal and justice, Tobias Burke is The Enforcer.

                While I usually enjoy books with the military aspect to them, there was just something about this book that didn’t seem to work well for me.  It felt like the romance between the two characters seemed almost forced at times.
                Although the characters seemed interesting, you don’t really get to know them that much throughout the course of the book.  There are small parts of them that are shown, but overall you don’t find out that much about them.  Granted, Tobias’s character was described in a way that he seemed very hot, but to me that was all that he had going for him.
                Dylan I have mixed emotions about, I have no set opinion on her after finishing the book.  While she was all about helping others, she doesn’t seem to have the sense to take care of herself.
                I had high hopes for this book and I was left disappointed after finishing it.  If you like military books then this might be the one for you.  I just don’t think it was a good fit for me personally.  


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