05 October 2013

Cage Blog Tour Stop!

"Alpha heroes you'll want to kidnap and keep, heroines to root for, and sizzling love scenes with emotional punch." Carly Phillips, NY Times Bestselling Author

Greg Cage was born to protect. While growing up, he was his mother and sister’s shield against the world… until he failed. For the last decade, he has carried that guilt and need for vengeance around… until it was stripped from him. Now, with his best friend getting married and no longer needing his protection, he is even more lost, completely adrift, and desperate for some control. All he has ever known was how to protect: his family, his friends, and his country. Can he go against everything he has ever known, and give up that control?

Melissa Larson will never let anyone hold the reins in her life. She has been the rock in her family for more years than she can remember, and the fight to keep them together is her main priority right now. She has always been fiercely independent and proud. The last thing she will ever do is ask for someone else’s help. But when that choice is out of her control, forcing her to rely on others to save her and her family, and pick up the pieces that are left, will she be able to let someone else be her strength?

The second Greg locks eyes with Meli, he knows that she is someone he needs. Someone he craves. Meli knew the second she met Greg that he would be nothing but trouble and heartache. Her life takes an unexpected turn, and that bitch Fate is back to wreak more havoc on another member of the Corps family.

All hell breaks loose, leaving Greg no choice but to call in a favor. He hooks back up with his old friend Braxxon Breaker from the Breakneck MC. Together, they make sure that nothing threatens anyone Greg loves again.

CAGE is a complete story with a HEA.
When a book has a warning attached about it being for only mature readers, my first thought is “Bingo!” followed quickly by my wondering if I actually can be counted as a “mature” reader.  Perhaps in years, but in mentality…NEVER!  Suffice to say, this book was right up my alley.  Sexy, muscled, badass, alpha hero? Check!  Awesome heroine who doesn’t take crap?  Check! Plenty of sexy adult time described in a level of detail that means my husband will be having a good night?  Check!  I can say with sincerity, both my husband and I enjoyed “Cage”. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)
Greg Cage is kind of a man adrift.  How he has always defined himself, as the protector of others, has changed, and he is having trouble getting over something tragic from his past.  At the opening of the book, when we first meet him, I was not too impressed.  He’s kind of a jackass.  All alpha hotness, yes…but a jerk nonetheless.  But then he meets Melissa, and she changes his whole world.  He meets her first in a doctor’s office when he’s covered in baby vomit.  It must be magic baby vomit though, because there is a spark between the two of them that neither can deny.  Melissa is a friend of Isabelle’s, who is a close friend of Cage’s.  Therefore, they run into each other at Isabelle’s wedding, and neither can deny the promise of what could be between them anymore.  Unfortunately, circumstances beyond either of their control could doom them before they begin.  It’s a wild ride, let me tell you.  I may have cried a bit (between the hot sex scenes). 
The characters in this book had a lot of depth to them and were well developed.  I’m big on characters being well done because I want to know what motivates their actions and feelings.  I had no problem doing that with this book.  Even if I may not have agreed with the choices, I understood why they were made.  The plot was exciting and I didn’t think it was very predictable, which is an accomplishment or any book.  And as far as Cage being a complete and utter jackass?  He redeems himself by the end of the book…and you come to find out he’s just a giant teddy bear.  I loved Cage.  4.5 stars from me!


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Harper lives in small town Georgia just a short drive from her hometown of Peachtree City. She (and her 3 daughters) enjoy ruling the house they dubbed 'Estrogen Ocean', much to her husband’s chagrin. Harper has a borderline unhealthy obsession with books; you can almost ALWAYS find her with her ereader attached. As an ex-reviewer and blogger, Harper's passion for reading runs deep. It wasn't until 'Axel' decided to take up residence that she realized her true calling.

She started using writing as a way to unwind when the house went to sleep at night; and with a house full of crazy it was the perfect way to just relax. It didn't take long before a head full of very demanding alphas would stop at nothing to have their story told.


  1. Love this book! Your rock Harper Sloan!!!!

  2. For now Axel because I haven't read Cage yet.

  3. Love this book! Your rock Harper Sloan!!!!