05 February 2014

Greenlighting by Borino & Stevens

 Amidst the turmoil of Alex Greenlighting Drew’s marriage proposal from the end of Double Exposure, Crystal, Sunni’s mother, injects more chaos into the lives of the family upon her release on parole. With Sunni desperate to have her mother back in her life, Zack and Steve consent to letting Crystal have supervised visitations. However, prison has made Crystal even more manipulative and Steve and Zack are left wondering if they made the right decision.

While planning their wedding, Drew and Alex must come to terms with their relationship to one another and Shane. When they explain their triad’s love to their family, they learn that not everyone accepts their poly lifestyle. The family must put aside their differences to work together on the much bigger problem with Crystal and her influence on Sunni’s attitude and behavior. Will they regret Greelighting the decisions that affect everyone’s lives permanently?

I was asked to review this book but did not understand that there were  two books prior to this one, so I will admit it left me confused as to the characters and the story line when I began.  With that said I must urge you to read the first two books prior to this one so you can get a full understanding of the characters and their story.  I did go back and read the reviews and synopsis for the beginning of their stories and it appears that the authors gave the readers characters that the readers cared about and a story that had sucked them in, so please keep this in mind as I write this review. 
For me, I wasn’t able to connect to the characters from just this book.  We have Zack and Steve who have adopted Sunni, Steve’s little sister. Their mother was in prison but recently released and making contact with Sunni behind Steve’s back.  So we had the family dynamics of the biological mother coming back into the picture and how they had to handle that.  Steve and Sunni’s mother refuses to show Zack the respect he deserves so this has become another issue that the couple will have to address in this story.  Things get really ugly towards the end of the book but their love for Sunni was never in doubt, they were all a protective force for her and I did enjoy seeing that. It was clear that Zack and Steve are into BDSM play, I really wasn’t able to tell who was dominant and who was submissive for most of the time because it seemed they were really working on a balance with control.   They had a great relationship going, the sex was there constantly
We also got to see more of Drew, Alex and  Shane.  It was clear from page one that the proposal didn’t end how Drew expected, but soon Alex was able to explain his feelings and they were able to carry on and become engaged.  Now they needed to figure out what they were going to do with Shane.  Once again, I am not well informed about the background story, but it appears that Shane is a natural born submissive and relishes the role of being taken care of and treated kindly. Alex and Drew are both dominants and I am not sure they would work out well without Shane to balance that constant tug of war.  Drew and Alex are raising Kian and Laney.  All live in a condo together and have created a family that four men are jointly raising the children together.  We get to see the hostility of people towards gay couples and the struggle of wanting to be affectionate to Shane outside the privacy of their own space.  Social acceptance was addressed many times in this book. 
I sincerely believe if you start at the beginning of the series you will get more out of Greenlighting.  Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t given the time or books to do that so I don’t want you to judge this series on my one review.  I believe that for the right readers, these characters can be addictive, the story lines could be attractive and the desire to know more could be there. The writing style was good and the flow of the story constant, it did have a soap opera feel to it but as with most things, coming into the middle of a story and trying to catch up was difficult for me, but it was enough to make me consider buying the first two books and join in on the experience.  

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