30 April 2014

Jackie Nacht Spotlight!

 Can surviving the horrors of the night lead Colin to find the one that was meant to love him and bring him back to the light?

Colin Brantford is an Omega wolf. When his pack is destroyed by hellhounds, he and his brother are transported to Moon Compound. There, Colin must enter into a world where all wolf shifters are sent to learn to shift. Two years prematurely.

Sloan Atwater has been at the compound for three years and still has no control of his wolf. That is until he spots Colin, making Sloan crave the slightest touch. Will he be able to claim Colin for his own? And when Colin needs Sloan, will he be able to control his wolf?

This is the first book in the Moon Compound series and it’s off to a really good start. In this shifter world, young shifters (early 20s) are sent to the Moon Compound to learn how to shift and control their wolf so that they don’t harm others. This is a process that can take a couple of years depending upon whether they are an Alpha or an Omega. Colin is expected to go to the compound within the next couple of years and his brother will follow him a year later. Keeping his brother close to him is important to Colin as they lost their parents at the age of 16 and have been raised by their pack. Suffice it to say, when the pack is attacked and Colin and his brother are the only two to survive, with Peyton being seriously injured, he is not happy when he learns they are being taken to the Moon Compound.

Upon his arrival at the compound, Colin is escorted to his room/cell and is immediately noticed by Sloan, who has the overwhelming desire to protect Colin. We learn that Sloan has been at the compound for three years and still has not learned how to control his wolf. So his reaction to Colin surprises Sloan to the point he fears he may be going feral. Sloan’s protectiveness is put to the test almost immediately when Colin is approached by another Alpha with a bad reputation. After the ensuing fight, Colin and Sloan stop fighting their instinctual draw to one another and their relationship begins to develop and flourish.

While I have read shifter books with Betas, I have never read one with Omegas (Colin) and I found the concept quite interesting. Although I knew that this was an M/M book, I was not expecting a shifter world in which there appear to be no female shifters; while this may be due to the focus of this book being on Colin and Sloan, I don’t believe it’s the case. Everything in the book points to an Alpha-Omega mating among the wolves which, of course, lends to some very hot encounters between the two and a rather interesting mating scene.

Ms. Nacht does an excellent job in kicking off her Moon Compound series with a well-written and engaging book. I am looking forward to reading the next novella in the series to learn more about her shifter world and what happens to Brendan.
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 With all great sacrifices for love, there must be consequences.

Brendan has been at Moon Compound and gone through his first shift. He feels like hell when his mate walks into his life in chains. Devastated that his mate is feral, he mourns for the mate he is bound to lose before he ever has him. Desperate not to lose his mate, he does something that will forever change his life. Will Brendan be able to save his feral?

Just as I had hoped, Full Moon Feral was Brendan’s story. While we met Brendan in Full Moon Lockdown, he was such a shy and quiet character we did not learn much about him. However, his character undergoes a major transformation (literally) and we learn more about him even as he learns about himself. The end of Full Moon Lockdown saw Brendan responding to a newly arrived feral shifter, feeling an overwhelming need to be near him and comfort him – in short, his mating instinct kicked in. This need is so strong that Brendan refuses to leave the feral’s cell and begins to waste away. Fortunately his friends care for him and intervene after a week, forcing him to shower and eat. It turns out it was exactly what he needed to do as a conversation during dinner gives him an idea about his feral mate.

One of the reasons that I enjoy shifter romances is that the characters tend to be a bit wilder and riskier and Brendan is no different when he decides to test his theory. Fortunately for all involved, his theory was correct and his test succeeded…kinda. As the feral regains his humanity, Brendan is shocked to learn that his draw to the feral isn’t one sided and they begin to get to know one another and their relationship begins to develop. There are consequences to Brendan’s test that are both unexpected and dangerous, but you’ll have to read Full Moon Feral to find out what they were as well as Brendan’s feral’s name because I’m not telling.

Ms. Nacht has given us with another well-written book in the Moon Compound series. She also answered my question from book one, yes there are female shifters, we just haven’t met any of them. Full Moon Feral was a quick and sexy read with plenty of action between Brendan and his feral as well as another appearance by the Hellhounds. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.
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 When Rayce finds he has two paths before him, the unknown consequence is the only alternative to help the man he loves survive.

Rayce is sent on a recon mission to find out if hellhounds are in Lansing. What he discovers on his way is his mate, Peyton, has followed him into the very heart of danger.
Peyton has loved Rayce from the moment Rayce saved him. He knows he probably shouldn’t be following Rayce, but the instinct driving him to protect the man he has already fallen for causes him to go recklessly into the city. All is not as it seems, and Peyton will have to find strength to survive for not only himself but his mate and friends as well.

Yet another excellent installment in the Moon Compound series. This time around we are treated to the story of Rayce and Peyton. As this is the third book in the series we have had a chance to get to know a little bit about these two characters previously. Readers of the series were already aware that they were mates as Rayce was hyper-protective of Peyton as soon as he rescued him and his brother Colin in book one. This prior history enabled the author to expand the story further and introduce more action as the war with the Hellhounds takes an unexpected turn (and no I won’t tell you what it is).

While we do see far more action in Full Moon Gamma with the war’s escalation, this does not mean that we are not treated to the same level of relationship development and hot M/M action as we have been in the previous books. Rayce and Peyton are both involved in the conflict in this book and their time together strengthens their bond and causes their relationship to move along faster than Rayce wanted. Unfortunately incidents occur that bring out Rayce’s protectiveness of Peyton and drastic measures must be taken for Rayce to insure Peyton’s safety.

Ms. Nacht has continued the development of her shifter world by introducing the Gamma wolf. It just so happens that Peyton is the rare Gamma and what he can do is freaking cool. Of course, I won’t tell you what it is because that would spoil the story, you’ll just have to read Full Moon Gamma for yourself to find out. This series just keeps getting better and better and I am looking forward to the next novella.
http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00HZQ0FQG/ref=as_li_ss_il?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00HZQ0FQG&linkCode=as2&tag=crysmanrev-20    http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/full-moon-gamma-jackie-nacht/1118866882?ean=2940045734073&itm=1&usri=jackie+nacht     https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-fullmoongamma-1439709-145.html?referrer=52378e08e5757 
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