15 April 2014

Thicker Than Water by A.F. Henley

 Ladomer's first experience with vampires instilled a deep hatred--an emotion he gladly uses to bring destruction to the beasts that can't be purged from his memory. Hunting alongside the compelling man who saved his village, Ladomer and Zor are ruthless in their quest to stop the growing threat. When a new call pulls them deep into Eastern Europe, Ladomer learns anew just how cruel vampires can be--and how much deeper love can go.

I will admit that I am not a fan of vampire stories, I was never one that entertained the thoughts of vampires but I can say that A.F. Henley not only wrote an intelligent short story carrying a lot of valuable messages regarding mankind, he did it with a story of vampires that did keep me interested.
This isn’t a knock of Twilight series kind of book, this was raw, deep and thought provoking as we watched Ladomer and Zor go hunt down the vampires that threaten society.  After Ladomer struggles with the guilt over his big brother Felix death while trying to protect Ladomer, he had vowed to be a hunter and has proven his worth to Zor. 
They become lovers and this could damage the relationship as hunters, or it could prove there is no limit to what they would do to protect each other when confronting the vampires.  I would love to give you more of the story but with this being a book of 67 pages, I am afraid anything else I would say could risk the intensity you will find from reading the story yourself.
I will say that the characters are created to such a degree it would be difficult for the reader not to connect to them in some way.  While this is a story of vampires and waging war against them, the human emotion is never missed in the characters.  The author uses such a sophisticated style of language and scenes, the story feels as if it jumps off the pages and creates a movie as you read.  Because of that sophistication, it also leads you to some thought provoking events that leave you thinking about the story long after you are done. 
I would certainly recommend this book to anyone, vampire lovers or not, but go in with the clear understanding the author has given you something that is powerful, intense and edge of your seat.  
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