12 May 2014

It's Complicated by L.A. Witt

 After their umpteenth breakup, Brad Sweeney and Jeff Hayden are living apart and starting over from scratch. The morning after a promising first date, they’re more optimistic than ever that they can make it work this time . . . until Jeff’s ex-wife and business partner calls to announce she’s pregnant with Jeff’s baby. Brad’s already competing with a demanding business for Jeff’s time. Now there’s a baby on the way, and worse, he’s afraid Jeff is still carrying a torch for the woman who’s carrying his child.

Jeff is desperately trying to keep his life together, but before he can even get his head around the news that he’s going to be a father, his ex announces that she wants to leave Tucker Springs. Now he either has to take over her role at the shop while ferrying the baby back and forth from Denver, or move the business—and himself—with her.

Brad and Jeff knew reconciliation wouldn’t be easy, but they’re rapidly running out of room for compromise. And sooner or later, something has to give.

This book is one that brought forth a lot of different emotions in me while reading it. At some points, I wanted to yell at the characters because they were acting like a bunch of idiots. And then there were points where I was almost in tears; tears of joy and of happiness because of what was going on.
During the course of this story we get to follow along as Brad and Jeff try to work out their difficulties in their relationship, and then with the added twist of finding out that Jeff is having a baby with his ex, wow that just adds to the drama and excitement of the story. I was a bit worried about how all of the drama that was happening, and was being introduced, in the story was going to play out because it felt like there was a lot happening throughout it all. But I was so excited with how the author was able to bring everything together during the story and not over do any one aspect.
As funny as it sounds, the one character that I enjoyed the most would be Christine. She had a very important role during the story and I thought that the author did an amazing job with bringing Christine into the story at the best parts. Christine’s character was one that helped both Brad and Jeff as they re-learned how to be with each other, and how to deal with everything happening between the three of them.
I have read several of the books from this series in the past, but I do have to say this is by far my favorite one of the series so far.  I can’t get enough of this author and I can’t wait to read more from her in the future.
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