04 May 2014

Love Comes Home, By Andrew Grey

 A Senses Series Story

When architect Gregory Hampton’s son, Davey, starts having trouble in Little League, Greg takes him to an eye doctor. The diagnosis hits them hard. Davey’s sight is degenerating rapidly, and eventually he’ll go blind.

Tom Spangler is used to getting what he wants. When Greg captures his attention, he asks Greg for a date. They have a good time until Greg gets a call from the friends watching his son, telling him Davey has fallen. Greg and Tom return to find the worst has happened—Davey can no longer see.

With so much going on in his life, Greg doubts he’ll see Tom again. But Tom has researched beep baseball, where balls and bases make sounds to enable the visually impaired to participate in Little League. Tom spearheads an effort to form a team so Davey can continue to play the game he loves. But when Greg’s ex-wife shows up with her doctor boyfriend, offering a possible cure through a radical procedure, Greg must decide how far he’ll go to give Davey a chance at getting his sight back.

To be perfectly honest, this is the first book that I have read by Andrew Grey, but I can say whole heartily now, that it will not be the last. He has an amazing ability with words that can draw you into a story and keep you there until you have finished the book. Even afterwards, you are left wanting more of the story because it was so well written; you don’t want the story to end.

In this story, we get to meet Gregory and Tom, and follow along with their relationship as they deal with some pretty stressful things right off the bat. Things that most people will never have to go through in life, they deal with right from the start of their relationship. I really liked that the author didn’t make this an “insta-love” story; because I think that the story wouldn’t have been that great of a story if that would have happened.

The characters that we are introduced too are all extremely well written as well. Even the secondary characters that are mentioned are done very well. Everyone has their own personalities and they all add to the story in many different ways. 

The only character that I actually had any problems with would have been Tom. While I do understand why he was as pushy as he was, to me it felt like he was just pushing his way into Gregory and Davey’s (Gregory’s son), lives. Even when Gregory wasn’t showing any indication that he wanted Tom there, Tom didn’t really give him much of a choice.

One thing that I did love completely about this story is that there are so many lessons that you are taught while reading it. The story, and the situations, that you follow along with show you how lucky you are to be the way you are. They even show that being different doesn’t mean you aren’t perfect the way that you are. And it teaches you that you are able to find love, no matter who you are.
“Neither of us is perfect, but that’s the beauty of love.”
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