14 May 2014

Stranded in Paradise by Sarah O'Rourke

Ethan Hudson is a man accustomed to being in control...of all situations in his life. Yet, much to his dismay, he finds himself at the mercy of cancelled flights that are determined to mess with his well-ordered plans. Added on to this dilemma is his unexplained attraction for his male colleague...

David Mallloy believes in going after what he wants...and fate appears to have given him the golden opportunity to make his move. His desire for Ethan has been brewing for months, and now is the time to let the other man know exactly how he feels.

Stranded in Paradise is an erotic romp through anticipation, discovery, and excitement. With a strong m/m focus, hang on tightly because there is a surprise menage a trois ending that you don't want to miss!

Erotica....menage a trois....m/m...m/f...m/m/f 
Holy heck that was hot!  Stranded in Paradise is the story of a single day in the lives of Ethan and David as they find themselves snowed-in in Chicago after a week-long business trip.

Ethan is six months out of a bad divorce from a cheating ex-wife, whom he hadn’t had sex with during the last six months of their marriage. So he blames his year-long celibacy on his unexpected and growing attraction for his friend and colleague as he’s never been attracted to a man before. On the other hand, Dave is openly bi-sexual and has been attracted to Ethan since they started working together; however, he has kept his attraction to himself as Ethan was married when they met, but he’s kept his eye on Ethan since Ethan’s divorce. This shared history, mutual attraction and sexual frustration make for some seriously hot M/M sex once Ethan admits to Dave that he wants to explore his attraction, even if all he can give Dave is the day thanks to the vindictive nature of his ex-wife. Because Dave is first and foremost Ethan’s friend, he has been there as a friend throughout the divorce and knows how difficult the ex could and would make Ethan’s life in regards to the custody arrangement for their son, so he agrees that if all he can have of Ethan is that day, then he will endeavor to make it a day Ethan won’t regret or forget. I can happily report that Dave definitely achieves his goal.

On the off-chance that the steamy M/M sex scenes are enough to get your engine purring, Dave happily arranges for a threesome with a friend of his who lives in Chicago. Tiffany and Dave have known each other for well over a decade and she too has recently gotten out of a bad relationship. She’s a single woman with a healthy sexual appetite that is looking for a safe, no-strings attached sexual encounter … with two men. Although Ethan has never met Tiffany, Dave has been talking to Tiffany about Ethan for the last six months, so when she arrives and meets Ethan she’s already comfortable with him and that allows for the author to move the ménage right along. Again, the reader is treated to a sensual delight as Ethan quickly learns that his ex-wife’s cheating had nothing to do with his sexual prowess. For me, the level of communication between the characters in this novella is what makes it a story rather than simply a series of sexual acts (not that there’s anything wrong with that kind of read either).

Ms. O’Rourke proves that she can write a steamy sex scene no matter what the combination of partners is (M/M, M/F, or M/M/F). Stranded in Paradise is a quick, hot and steamy read that has been added to my re-read list. I look forward to reading more of this author’s work and would love to read a sequel to find out if Ethan and Dave are successful in their desire to continue their relationship past their stranded weekend (hint, hint).


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