09 June 2014

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I wanted him, but couldn't find the courage to have him. You know that feeling, the one where you’re too scared to go to sleep, too scared to go out, and too scared to do anything? Ever since my assault, I’ve been functioning, but not living. That was until I met that motorcycle riding man with such a deep gravelly voice that it sent shivers down my spine. He helped me through some of the darkest moments of my life.


She was a cock tease pure and simple. Or so I thought. What I believed to be a game on her part, turned out to be a bone deep fear of everyday life. We helped each other cope, and slowly our friendship turned into something more.


Circumstances broke the two of us apart just as we decided we wanted to be together. A vengeful woman sets out to ruin Max and anything he holds dear in his life. Payton has gone through so much in her life that enduring one more thing just might break her. Only Max taught Payton a few things. Never hold back. Never hesitate. Do something stupid, and always learn from your mistakes. Together, they can overcome anything

I want to make clear that the 3 rating is more because of my personal taste and quirks when reading a book rather than the actual story.  I felt the plot was great and most of the characters were endearing and interesting.  I did have a few issues with the writing style that broke the reading flow for me.  I won’t put spoilers in this review but there were a few situations that Max landed in and as I read the book I had to stop because it didn’t feel researched and realistic.
Payton was interesting to follow though, she had so many dimensions about her that it was hard not to care about her, and I just wouldn’t want to spend time much time with her.  She was a nurse who had a supportive family but she found herself in a situation that almost killed her and her ex-boyfriend who just watched.  She now has the attention of Max and he is one fine man.  I saw Payton try to change a few times, like she almost knew that it was time to grow up, but her childish reactions and sarcastic comebacks were her weapon to keep people at a distance so she could protect herself while suffering with PTSD.  While I understand people and characters will have a wide range of reactions and emotions, she took this to a whole different level.  I often wondered if she had multiple personalities with her childish pranks and one liner’s then seconds later she is giving CPR to someone and saving their life only seconds later to be a real witch. 
Max was interested in her, but it wasn’t until he saw the door to her apartment that he started asking questions and discovered the truth.  After that he pulled back the affection and started pushing a friendship built on trust and the proof he would be there for her.  He would talk her through her nightmares over the phone and be there any time she called, but then he faced deployment again and he had to get his buddies to help keep an eye on Bubbles, as he calls her.  Now I loved Max and admired how he took Payton’s immaturity in stride.  He was a natural protector and he would fight to the end for those he loved.  It broke my heart when he told the story about his parents death and it explained why he was the man he was. 
The story isn’t just a romance, there is suspense, mystery and drama with a ton of twists and turns which I did enjoy following.  We see more personal tragedies and hardships for not only Payton and Max but their families and circle of friends.  There was a lot to get through till they could find the person threatening their life and finally get their happily ever after.  The characters from the first two books were very involved in this book which is something I love for an author to do. 
I would recommend this book because the story was good and I did love Max, but I would issue a warning that there did seem to be a great deal of rushing with scenes.  I felt like there were a lot of loose ends that needed to be taken care of all through the story, but Max was worth every one of those irritations.  He is now on my list of top ten fictional boyfriends.   
I am a married mom of three perfectly crazy children (They get it from their father.) I'm in school for my BSN. I'm an avid reader and go through books like candy. Romance books are my vice, and you will never catch me not reading something. I've had Boomtown's story floating around in my brain for some time, and finally decided to just go ahead and write it.

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