09 June 2014

The Vegas Series by Mimi Barbour

Book #1 - Partners - Suspense ripples when two hotshot detectives first meet to track
down a rapist.

Book #2 - Roll the Dice - "You shot me? How can she be attracted to someone with such a
bad aim?

Book #3 - Vegas Shuffle - He leaves her pregnant and miserable. It damn near broke his heart.

Book #4 - High Stakes Gamble - He's back! Does she shoot him? Or forgive? After all, he's
helping her search for their missing baby girl.

Book #5 - Spin the Wheel - if you like weddings, you'll love this book.

Book #6 - Let it Ride - now it's the partner's turn to get messed up by a man she's tried so
hard to forget. What can a girl do when he's held for ransom by two killers?

I have read other books by Ms. Barbour in the past and when I was given the opportunity to review this series, I couldn’t start it quick enough. The other books that I have read from her had a more romance feel to them, and while this series does have romance in it, it also has a ton of action happening throughout it all.
I would completely recommend purchasing this box set because then you don’t have to worry about waiting for the next book in the series to load on your kindle. Once you get started, you aren’t going to want to stop reading because it’s just that great of a read.
I personally feel as though Aurora is an amazing character – she was very well written, lifelike, and just overall easy to get along with. Throughout the series we get to follow along as she goes through some pretty difficult situations, some that I really hope I don’t have to deal with in my real life. The strength that she portrays as she deals with everything is just insane.
While the story does focus on Aurora, there is also a lot of supporting characters that also play very important roles throughout the books. Some characters that you want to hate because of their actions, (Yes Kai, I’m talking about you!) but in the end, you end up completely enjoying them and wanting to see more from them.  And then you have Lisa, who while she started out very annoying, she just grew into an important character, one that you couldn’t help but to root for as you learn more about her. She also goes through some things in the book that completely pull on your heartstrings and make you root for her.
There is a ton of action that happens throughout the series. With how action packed the stories were, I was a bit worried about how it would all work out. But thankfully, everything seemed to work out perfectly in the long run. I did enjoy how while each story was completely separate, they did seem to play into each other.
Overall, I did completely enjoy this series and I would completely recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new series about a kick butt female cop who doesn’t take any crap from anyone!

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  1. I liked your review so much I had to stop and wipe my cheeks. XOXO