29 June 2014

Starring Role by Morticia Knight

Alone once again, Jack believes that he will never have lasting love. But a tragedy unexpectedly paves the way to more happiness than he would ever have thought possible.

No longer held prisoner by Roman Pasquale’s obsessive love, Jack struggles with being truly alone for the first time in his life. The only thing he is certain of is his desire to get away from Hollywood as soon as possible. But first, he has to make sure that his loyal driver Juan is provided for, and understands that the two of them can never be together. Then, once he finishes his latest film he will finally be free of the town of broken dreams.

Right as Jack feels that his future is looking brighter, a terrible tragedy occurs. But out of his despair a new hope is born. Jack is given a second chance—one he never would have thought possible. As Jack’s blissful new life unfolds with his lover by his side, an unexpected visitor from the past threatens his new-found peace.

It’s time for Jack to make his final choice.

This is one of those books where I am so FREAKING happy for Jack, yet at the same time, I feel so horrible for him as well. So while I was reading it, I felt kinda like a brat since I was enjoying his suffering.
As I continue reading further and further into this series, I just become more amazed at the writing ability that Ms. Knight has. She has the ability to bring her characters to life, to make you feel like you are actually PART of their story, and is able to create a whole world that she shares with us in her stories. The attention to detail that she gives everything is just amazing, I didn’t want to put the books down once I started them because the world she created was so great, I didn’t want to ever leave it.
It was great to follow along with Jack’s character in the course of these books; watching as he grows from the shy innocent boy that he was, into the man that he is now. In this book he is faced with some pretty difficult situations, and he has to figure out how to deal with them on his own. The struggles that he went through were so lifelike; it’s almost as if you know someone who has personally went through them.
As Jack is dealing with heartbreak, a blast from the past happens that causes him to re-think quite a few things. I did really like how his past came back, but at the same time, I was so disappointed at how quickly he was able to forgive and forget everything that happened. I was hoping for more of a fight and a beg for forgiveness than there was.
Overall though, this was a really great read to me personally. Even through the ups and downs emotionally that I went through while reading it, I just couldn’t get enough of Jack and Nick’s story. I’m so glad that they both got what they deserved and I really can’t wait to start reading the next book in the series.
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