06 July 2014

Legally Wed by N.M. Silber

 Once upon a time childhood enemies grew up and fell in love ... and got engaged? Uh oh, this should be interesting ...

Adam Roth and Lily Adler have survived nutty neighbors, cow pajamas, mobsters and "the diaper incident." They have learned to live, love, and work together in harmony. Most of the time. Now with the promise of marital bliss on the horizon, they will need to tackle even bigger challenges, like Lily's anxiety-fueled libido, Adam's increasing exhaustion, two Jewish mothers and an eccentric wedding planner named Mr. Jonathan. Will everyone make it to the wedding alive? Find out in Legally Wed.

I have read the other books in this series in the past, and one thing that I love about them is the amazing sense of humor that Ms. Silber gives the characters in her books. Not only are they humorous to read, but there is also plenty of romance, erotica, and suspense that happens in them as well.
While this book is better to read as part of the series, it is still a great standalone read as well I believe. Adam and Lily are two amazing characters who are exciting to read about, and they are actually my favorite couple from this series so far. I was a bit worried with how great the first book featuring them, that this book wasn’t going to match up to par with it. However I was extremely excited to find out that I loved this book even more than that one!
If you are looking for a feel good romance that has a fair amount (but not overboard) of erotica, then you should really check out this book!


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