16 July 2014

Perfect Mate by Jennifer Ashley

 Bear Shifter Cormac is determined to take single mom Nell as his mate, despite her objections—until her sons are endangered and she desperately needs help.

I have completely loved this series since the first time I found it over a year ago.  (Back way before I started blogging!) I just can’t seem to get enough of the shifters that Ms. Ashley has created, and the new and different world that is around either.  She has an amazing ability to keep a book going through such a long series, but it doesn’t get boring or feel overused as each book comes out.
I have always had a soft spot for Nell, and was very glad for the chance to read her story!  Even though this was a novella, there was still a lot of action, smuttiness, adventure, mystery, and suspense packed into it that kept me turning the pages and wanting for more of Nell and Cormac’s story!
I think that Ms. Ashely has another hit on her hands with this short that just gives you a taste to remind you of the great series before the next book comes out.
I would really recommend this novella if you are unsure if you would like shapeshifter books because it is not like the other ones out there currently.  There is a ton of stuff in them that will keep anyone interested.


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