30 August 2014

Shifter's Claim by A.C. Arthur

Sebastian Perry, gorgeous shape-shifter, has tremendous guilt. Completely disarmed by his momentary hesitation to save a woman, he has fallen into despair. Sworn as a shifter to protect any female in danger, no amount of status, success, or money, can make him feel right again. Prowling around his domain, Bas aches to feel complete, to feel alive, to feel the love of a female. But what woman could possibly trust a man, shifter or not, that cannot protect her?
Priya Drake is tired of fending for herself. Growing up in a family that had nothing but problems, she’s made it to a top newspaper as a reporter, only to continually get snubbed by her boss. When she accidentally witnesses Bas shift, she knows she’s sitting on the scoop that will make her career. But telling the story isn’t so simple. She needs to get her facts straight, and the mounting attraction between her and Bas isn’t helping one bit. Priya thinks she has everything under control, but as the nights get hotter and danger continues to mount, Priya has to ask herself—can she betray the man she loves?

Shifter’s Claim is the fourth book in The Shadow Shifters series and can be read as a stand-alone. I have read Ms. Arthur’s spin-off series of novellas, Shadow Shifters: Damaged Hearts, and was excited to get the opportunity to see what she could do within a full-length novel. Suffice it to say, she did not disappoint.

Priya is a journalist looking for a story … a story to confirm the existence of “cat people.” But she isn’t investigating the story to make a name for herself as a journalist. She is being blackmailed and her brother’s life is on the line. While she doesn’t actually believe in the existence of “cat people,” she was pointed in the direction of a specific individual. As she attempts to get closer to him during a fundraiser she is intercepted by Sebastian and her life takes an even more unexpected turn – she just doesn’t know it yet. The chemistry between Priya and Bas is primal … but we are dealing with shifter pheromones after all. Ms. Arthur has a knack for writing intense sex scenes that are raw and primal, thus making Bas and Priya’s immensely pleasurable.

There is a lot of action in this book as the rogues continue their attacks. The author provides bits and pieces of information for readers of the prior books in the series, but does so in such a way that readers who haven’t read books 1-3 yet aren’t lost. If anything, she has peaked my interest even more in the earlier books in the series and I suspect that I will be reading them sooner rather than later as I’m quite interested in the stories of some of the other characters. Shifter’s Claim is an action-packed paranormal romance with plenty of steam to keep you entertained. Ms. Arthur has definitely made a fan of me. 
Shifter’s Claim is an action packed paranormal romance full of intrigue and hot steamy scenes that lean more towards erotica.

I haven’t read the first three books in the Shadow Shifter’s series but I found I was able to catch up on the gist of the main storyline that connected Priya and Sebastian’s love story to the ongoing of a bigger plot line concerning the Shadow Shifter’s. The glossary of terms presented at the beginning of the book explain the terminology that is used by A.C. Arthur and throughout the book there are several references to how the Shadow Shifter ruling government works as well as what the rules and guidelines are that the shifters are expected to follow and live by. I plan on reading the previous books before I attempt to read book 5 in the series because there are some established couples in the book that piqued my interest.

Priya Drake is a beautiful, stubborn, intelligent and independent woman. She’s a journalist living in DC who has worked hard to rise above the poverty, abuse and addiction that has plagued her family. One night she witnesses something unusual and from that moment on she’s thrown into a dangerous situation where she is being blackmailed by an anonymous person or persons who want her to expose the shifters living amongst humans. While Priya starts digging into the Shifter world she finds herself caught up in a war between rogues and shadows. Despite the danger she’s determined to discover the truth in order to save herself and her family.

Sexy Alpha male jaguar shifter Sebastian “Bas” Perry isn’t going to make things easy for Priya. Publicly he’s known as the successful billionaire playboy who owns a thriving resort in Arizona but Bas is much more than the suave persona he portrays. He’s a Faction Leader for the shifters with a devastating past that has closed him off emotionally. His focus is on protecting his people and that means keeping the tenacious reporter from discovering the truth about the shifter’s who hide amongst humans but how far is he willing to go to stop Priya from writing the story of a lifetime. The animal inside of him wants to break free to claim her while the man he is fears he won’t ever be able to let her go and that’s a dangerous thing for a shifter who is bound by laws that prevent him from exposing himself to humans.

From the first moment Bas and Priya meet the sparks fly and the sexual connection between the two is off the charts. A.C. Arthur balances detailed plot development with a seductive intense romance. It’s a fast paced sensual ride with tons of action.


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