16 September 2014

Last Chance Charlie by Ryan Loveless

 Charlie Corcoran is the best thing about twenty-five-year old Zach Prentiss's life. Sure, they've never met. Charlie's never seen Zach from the neck up, but because of Charlie, for a few hours Zach can forget about his sick father, his falling grades, and his dwindling clientele who don't like that he's a rentboy who ages. With Charlie, he talks online about comics, cars, and movies. Then a new client arrives. It's Charlie wanting sex tips... for a date with Zach. Zach goes through with the appointment, convinced it's over if Charlie recognizes him. However, he doesn't have long to nurse his broken heart or worry about Charlie's before Charlie is back, wanting to take him out, introduce him to Mom, and treat him like he's decent.

This was a good book but what kept me from saying it was great was that I had to suspend reality a little more than I felt comfortable with.  The characters were the best part of this book but some of their reactions were just too unbelievable.  Zack and Charlie’s mutual friends Laurie and Michael provided most of the comedic relief in the story and were always there when either character needed them.  Zack and Charlie themselves were two boys who needed to take control of their lives in different ways.  Through this story we were able to watch them grow and learn to love and trust through hardships. 

*Slight Spoiler Alert*

A good example of what made me fight with reality in this book was when Charlie’s parents found out that Zack was a prostitute and they just calmly approached him and told him to have no more contact with their son.  We don’t see them throw any tantrums get really upset or give Charlie ultimatums it is all done very calmly and almost business like.  I was a little unsettled by this.  I mean granted Charlie is 21 years old and by no means a minor in need of their protection; it just seemed so clinical in its presentation.

I loved the character interaction and the ending was perfect I was just looking for a little more I guess.  Overall a sweet book about self-discovery and reaching for what you want in life.


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