06 September 2014

Where They Both Belong by Thianna D

Have you visited Corbin's Bend? If not, then pack your bags for a journey to a community tailor-made for you.

In Corbin's Bend, no wife ever need fear having her neighbors know she's subject to domestic discipline, because here spanking is the norm. In this popular series, you will get to know the couples who call this unique community home, and learn how they build their lives with the help of old-fashioned disciplinary values.

Life-long residents of Mesa, Arizona, both of Matt & Julie Renton’s conservative families turned on them when their discipline lifestyle became public knowledge. Months after being fired from his job, Matt was just getting by doing day labor. Worried over Julie’s stress level, he set his hopes on getting into a new housing development in Colorado called Corbin’s Bend where they could be themselves and his lovely wife could finally relax.

Combined with Matt’s natural ability to find the most unique forms of discipline he could imagine, Julie found herself at home in their new community filled with wonderful residents who were nice, friendly, and the kind of people she could open up to.

Tried, true, and tested before they even reached Colorado, Matt and Julie worked hard to keep their relationship strong even as they started a new life. With a new job for Matt and complete acceptance from the community for Julie, they began to feel that this just might be where they belonged. Especially when the community’s welcome basket arrived with a little surprise.

I do believe this may be my favorite Corbin's Bend book yet. Although Where They Both Belong is one of the last of the first round of Corbin’s Bend books to be published, it is actually a prequel to the series as it occurs before the opening of the community. Fans of the series get to see a bit of the community during its final stages of completion as Matt and Julie visit the community to take a look around, meet one of the main founders (Brent), and decide whether or not they want to apply to become members of the Corbin’s Bend community.

Matt and Julie are a great couple. It is clear from their interactions how much they love and care for one another. I couldn't help but feel bad for them when we learned their families ostracized them and Matt lost his job because a family member found out and gossiped about their participation in a Domestic Discipline relationship. The fact that they have stuck together through the ordeal and took the steps they needed to insure the security of their marriage – by checking out Corbin’s Bend – says a lot about their level of commitment to one another. As such, it was so nice to see how being approved as residents and making the actual move to Corbin’s Bend made them happy. It was even better when Matt found a job shortly after their arrival. As Matt noted, Julie seemed to flourish in the new community and shed the stress that their families’ actions caused them both.

Where They Both Belong is an excellent introduction to the series (even if it’s one of the last books I’ve read for this round). I enjoyed meeting Jonathan before he was hired as Brent’s executive assistant and felt like I learned a lot more about him than in the previous books. Again, I found Thianna D.’s writing style to be quite enjoyable and look forward to reading more of her work. I am also anxious to read Jonathan’s book (HINT, HINT).

As for the short story included at the end of the novella, spanks a lot Ms. D. ;)


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